6 Days’ Wonderful Paris and Switzerland trip

Europe is one destination that may hardly be covered in a single cross. If you’re planning your first actual journey to this beautiful continent with constrained time and price range, your itinerary needs to wheel around France and Switzerland. Whatever you pick out to do, these fantastic international locations promise you a dreamy experience entwined with medieval technology impact. What’s extra, we’ve were given each day of your vacation cautiously deliberate out!

Whether you were going on a vacation trip or a honeymoon trip, you can have full of right to do all the fun activities and create some fantastic moments over these places. Just get your Arik Air reservations to reach both of these places very quickly and under your budget too. Book now and start having fun over these places.

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6 days Paris and Switzerland trip

Tour first 3 days in Paris

Day 1 in Paris

Arrive in Paris and head straight to your hotel to freshen up. In the evening, you can discover this fascinating and fashionable town taking walks. Paris symbolizes the best lifestyles, whether it’s cheese, romance, infrastructure, French delicacies, costly boulevards, wine, shopping, or candid sightseeing. Do purchase a bottle of fragrance from this town of fragrances. Enjoy dinner at the lodge, and get an excellent night’s sleep so that you are refreshed for the day after today.

Day 2 in Paris

After a delicious breakfast, begin exploring the highlights of Paris. Begin with the ancient Palace of Versailles, a door to French heritage. After that, head to the Eiffel Tower, where you can take images of the cityscape from the top. Spend the afternoon soaking within the spellbinding city vibe at one of the boutique cafes. We advise you try actual French cuisine for lunch – traditional French Escargots, quiche with cheese and ham, mini steaks with fries, confit de canard, or mussels in white wine are all worth an indulgence.

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In the nighttime, attend the ‘Paris by Evening’ excursion or enjoy the brilliant River Seine Cruise. There’s plenty to visit in Paris – The Louvre, Champs Élysées, and Moulin Rouge being the cream of the crop. Marvel on the bohemian apartments, cathedrals, museums, and sidewalk cafés as you walk down the cobblestone streets. You might also run into avenue performers alongside the manner. Stop for some time and allow their capabilities to captivate you.

Day 3 in Paris

You can not come to Paris and not visit Disneyland. Spend half of an afternoon there, and within the night, attend the well-known ‘Lido De Paris’ display. If you want to bypass Disneyland, you could spend your day museum-hopping – there are lots in Paris! For lunch, hit a French restaurant for cheeses, pains au chocolat, salted caramel crepe with Chantilly cream, and some scrumptious French wine. 

If you are a night time owl, then strive the Winter Vitamin at the Buddha Bar, Smoky Spicy Margarita at Le Calabar, Spiced Rum at Maria Loca, and Del. A. Bretagne at Copper Bay. Bon, urge for food!

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Next 3 days of Your Switzerland Trip

Day 4 in Switzerland

This goes to be the street journey of your existence! Drive beyond the vineyards in the scenic French nation-state before you input Swiss territory and attain Zurich. Switzerland is a lovely landlocked USA inside the centre of Europe with lush green meadows, breathtaking snow-capped Alps, and freshwater lakes. 

Enjoy your first day Switzerland trip at leisure and traverse the enchanting neighbourhoods taking walks. Get mesmerized by means of the panorama and deal with yourself to some finger-licking cheese and chocolate fondues for lunch. Moreover, Switzerland is likewise famous for its spa remedies and indigenous watches. Spend your nighttime purchasing and on foot via the markets. 

Day 5 in Switzerland

Plan an experience to Jungfraujoch (the highest factor of Europe) and Interlaken, which boasts of the sector’s best glacier lakes. Enroute Jungfraujoch, soak in the splendour of the snow-blanketed mountains from the consolation of your heated cable vehicle.

Switzerland is one of the most high priced nations within the global. As a result, hold apart from the finance of USD 100 consistent with day to enjoy outdoor sports. 

Feast at the conventional Rosti, Raclette, braised red meat, Lekerlis biscuits with hazelnuts, and veal with mushroom for lunch. Finish your meal with ‘Engadiner Nusstorte’, the famous Swiss dessert. Spend the evening at the Watch Museum.

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Day 6 in Switzerland

6 and the last day of your Switzerland trip. This is your day to scale Mount Titlis and Ice Palace. It is an unforgettable forty-five-minute lengthy ride to the pinnacle, switching three cable motors before you arrive at an awe-inspiring view. Green meadows, scenic lakes, and the dreamy Alps – take your time to cherish the mystical beauty of nature, that’s extraordinarily well-preserved by using the Swiss Government. 

You might also need a drink or to synchronize yourself with the extreme bloodless climate, so chug on some black magic espresso, Rivella milk, Swiss strength energy beer, cider perry, conventional Swiss cocktails, or Merlot wine to stay heat. Don’t forget about the cheese appetizers! Spend your evening exploring the city’s colourful nightlife.


As you can see above, we have mentioned the 6 Day’s Wonderful Paris and Switzerland trip you must visit once for a perfect holiday or vacation trip. All you have to book your flight ticket that you can do by visiting the Alaska Airlines Official Site. Here you can explore the customized deals as per your need and lots of offers too. Book now and visit all these places with your family or friends.

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