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Agile Methodology Principles for a Valuable Software

Change is a continuous process and technology needs to be changing every time it is needed. Software development is one such example in technology that is changing continuously. Mobile app development is the reason behind the extensive use of mobile apps by common people.

Mobile apps are a pre-requisite for any business because people do not have time to find the products online. If the products are available at a single click then people prefer that company over the company that does not have a mobile app.

Development of software or mobile apps includes different methodologies that the mobile app development companies use. Methodologies include the Waterfall strategy that is the traditional one and the Agile methodology which is the advanced version of the Waterfall method.

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Waterfall model, also known as the linear sequential life-cycle model is a very simple method where each phase of development needs to be completed before starting a new phase. A single developer works for a project and requirements for the project are stated well in advance. Whereas Agile method is an approach of software development where requirements and developments evolve through the collaborative efforts of businesses and developers respectively.

The advanced method encourages adaptive planning, continuous improvement and early delivery to the customers.

The Agile framework is all about teamwork, transparency and technical excellence. It is rooted in an environment where diverse teams can continuously learn, improve, produce and grow. Compared to the Waterfall strategy of software development, Agile methodology unfolds better mobile apps. The principles discussed below are guiding practices for the teams of mobile app developers for the enhanced development of software.

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Satisfy the Customer

A customer is king for any business and mobile app development industry is not an exception. The businesses that are in need of mobile apps are the customer to mobile app development companies and it is the company’s highest priority to satisfy the customers with early and effective delivery of valuable software.

Welcome Change

Development teams that welcome the upcoming changes in the field of mobile app development can be successful with Agile technology. Accepting and welcoming the change is important because it harnesses the customer’s competitive advantage and a fast reaction to change is good enough for the company.

Deliver Frequently

The Agile method means the developers need to update the business regularly during the development process. Delivering the software development requirements of the business frequently at a shorter time scale is better because sooner the team delivers, faster the feedback and earlier the identification of the wrong turn. Identifying the glitch in the process of development is better than identifying at the end of the project.

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Working Together

During the development of a mobile app, both the customer and the developer has the same goal to get valuable software. Therefore, the client and the developer should work together throughout the project because it makes total sense for the customer to become part of the team. Becoming a part of the team also includes effective and efficient communication between the parties. A face to face conversation between the customer and the team of developers lead to valuable software.

Organized Teams and Continuous Attention

Self-organizing teams working together for the development of the software can recognize the problem that arises in the development before it gets inevitable. These teams develop an application with an elegant design that maintains its value through maintenance and update cycles because an app is not efficient if it cannot maintain its value during the maintenance cycles.

Reflect for Effectiveness

The projects that the developers used to work on earlier ended with an After Action Review principle. The following principle helps the next client but not the one for which you just finished developing. The Agile method is different because it improves the behaviors before they have a detrimental impact on the project.

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The above-mentioned practices are not exhaustive but can help the developing teams to develop valuable software. These principles help in creating high-performing teams and value individuals and iterations over tools and processes, unlike the Waterfall methodology. The Agile framework seeks to increase collaboration and communication between the customers and the self-organized development teams. hire android developer or iOS developers that follow the Agile framework would include transparency, commitment, and trust.

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