High Brow-Best Eyebrow threading tips and tricks

Eyebrows are the most prominent beauty trend since 2019; the arch, colour and maintaining them is no easy job. But thankfully with professionally trained brow bars and spa, it is much easier to get those feathered, naturally looking, Instagram worthy brows.

To share the knowledge gained from the clients and business service experiences, we’ve rounded up our favourite recommendations for best eyebrow threading, thickening up, filling them in, and holding them in place. Keep scrolling to see how you can maintain that high arched brow with ease.

Always use a brow pencil for filling in your brows before you pluck them out:

We all have handy tweezers that we carry just for last-minute quick fixes, but with eyebrows in all shapes, sizes and density and we must keep care of how much is too much. A lot of time women go to parlours for eyebrows treatments but then choose to house maintain them.

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That is when it can become risky. A handy brown pencil would help you identify which ones to pluck out so that you don’t mess up the look your Brow Professional gave you.

Tips and Tricks to follow for maintaining eyebrow threading:

It is advisable and always preferable to keep in mind that plucking can be harmful in many ways than not. Our brows hair grows in repeating cycles within a period of three to four months. The first is the anagen phase that determines the length of hair. The second is the catagen phase where the follicle sprouts out of the skin, and in the telogen phase, the hair falls out.

When we pluck out our brows, we speed up the telogen phase because the follicle becomes narrow. Therefore, it is recommended, if you do not pluck out brows closer to eyelids or if uni-brow; leave the sprouts be, in between the eyes, for your professional to take care.

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Invest in brow serums rich in castor oil, biotin and peptides:

For many of us, with lockdowns and quarantine in place has ramped up our screen time due to which we are facing issues like dry eyes and headaches. It can take a toll on our lashes and especially eyebrows which we tend to shed much faster. Castor oil is an excellent remedy to keep the accurate moisture balance of our lovely brows. Castor oil is obtained from the seed of the Ricinus communis plant. It is antibacterial and has an excellent conditioning and soothing agent for hair and skin.

Whereas, peptides and biotin that help keep oil balance in your brows and delay shedding.

You can gently apply these with a q-tip on your eyebrows for 20 minutes and then wash off with a gentle face wash for a natural look.

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Ask your aesthetician for a castor oil brow spa before threading to get those chiselled brows without much damage.

1. Avoid sun and exfoliation of the face after eyebrow waxing and threading:

We often think that threading is a minor process and take it lightly. But eyebrows are the most important protective element of the face after eyelashes.

Our eyebrows go through so much, so when we get threading done or waxing done; experts advise to avoid direct sun exposure, tan beds and crusty exfoliation over the face.

Skins under eyebrows are so sensitive that rough procedures can leave it dehydrated, and leave you with many open pores. At least 48 hours to rest to the skin after an eyebrow wax or threading is highly advisable.

Wear bug-eye sunglasses and sunshades to give your face full forehead coverage.

2. Most Important: Keep eyebrows clean:

It’s super important to keep your brows clean, away from anything that can cause brow embrittling or premature shedding of tiny brow hairs and inhibit growth.

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We often use post makeup cleansers, and make sure to get the makeup off our cheeks and T-zones but tend to neglect the brow hair. Moisturisers, sun ban SPF’s, foundation and general dust can get stuck, which can affect your brows health.

Make sure you wipe away and gently clean off any excess product inside your brows with a q-tip to get those healthy brows.

Overall, your eyebrows are the most enticing features of your face. And to have a healthy luscious brow one needs special attentive and tender, loving care.

For more information on post threading regime and bridal eyebrow re-growth and re-arch therapy in Tri-City (Chandigarh, Mohali and Panchkula) contact one of the best full-service salon and the best eyebrow threading salon near you. Get the sharp look and well-defined eyebrows you desire at the best salon in Chandigarh.

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