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The mobile phone is an essential part of our daily life. You can’t imagine life without your phone. Mobile phones have been used today not only to chat with your friends and family but also very important in your business. iPhone is one of the most demanded phones in the world. People like it because of the features it provides. But at the same time, the iPhone is one of the sensitive phones as well.

If you accidentally drop your phone or your kid damage your iPhone X, then it will be a worry for you. But we care about your problems, and in this article, we will give you a step-by-step guide on how to do iPhone repair at home and on your own. So, you don’t need to hire someone to repair your phone.

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To get a repair, your iPhone is expensive. The next thing is, it is tough to find a professional and certified iPhone repairer. Most people are doing repairs at the local level, also without using certified gadgets.

iPhone X is one of the most favourite phones for most of the people, along with android’s smartphones. People wait a whole year to launch the new iPhone as they expect Apple to be innovative.

They are expecting features that can help them in their daily life. But the one drawback is the price. Apple’s iPhone is one of the most expensive phones in the world. But that does not matter for their customers. As they willing to spends Thousands of dollars on their new phone. And Apple also never disappoints its customers in this regard.

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The other drawback after buying the iPhone is its sensitiveness. iPhone X is one of the most sensitive phones, and if you or your kid accidentally fell it down, the iPhone screen can easily break. And it’s tough to repair it. So, it would help if you spent hundreds of dollars again to repair the iPhone. That seems a pretty expensive deal. Right? Well, it is, but if you follow our following guide, you do not need to spend any penny on repairing the phone.

iPhone Repair Guide:

Here is the iPhone repair guide, How can you do iPhone X screen repair by yourself? iPhone X has a stunning screen, but there can be some issues like touch-sensitive or screen damage.

Following is the guide that can help you in repairing the phone.

1. The first option that you have to fix the iPhone X screen is to ask Apple for their support. But we do not recommend it since it is costly and we do not want your money to spend as much.

2. The second option is you can ask third-party services like ours for iPhone screen repair. CaseUp provides quality guaranteed service in iPhone screen repair, Samsung mobile phone repair, iPad screen repair, and so on. We are offering our services at a very low price.

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3. The third option is our most recommended option and all our blog related to this. If you have enough ability and have confidence in yourself, you can repair the iPhone on your own.

  • For iPhone screen repair at home, you must have all the equipment at home.
  • Equipment includes pentalobe screwdriver, cross-tip screwdriver, Tri-point screwdriver, spatula tool, plastic spudger, and suction cup.
  • To remove the cracked iPhone screen, you need to disassemble the display, face id part, and rear camera.
  • For this, you need to remove pentalobe screws first. But you need to make sure your iPhone x is powered off.
  • Now, lift and remove the display.
  • Now, remove the four metal screws. You need to remember where each screw belongs to.
  • Now remove the connectors and next set of two screws. But remember, you need to do this very carefully.
  • When you remove the metal cover, there will be a connector. Remove it as well.
  • There are tri-point screws. Remove them.
  • To remove the home button, you need to remove the home button connector first. Then remove the home button.
  • Now, your screen is completely disassembled.
  • Now it’s time for the second part. That is installing a new screen.
  • Install the home button on the new screen.
  • Now reattach all the connectors that you removed.

Your iPhone x screen repaired successfully.

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So, how simply you can repair and replace your iPhone screen at home. If you are capable of performing these steps, then you do not need to go apple care or any local iPhone repair shop.

This is a simple guide that you can follow easily. But, if you don’t understand or not have enough ability, there is a solution for you. CaseUp is best when it comes to iPhone repair Newport, iPad repair Newport, Samsung mobile phone repair, and so on.

At Case up, our technicians repair your Mobile Phone and Tab. We’ve special teams to repair Samsung mobiles & iPhones. The technician gives a free phone check and a quick view of your mobile phone or other devices. Most phone problems will be fixed in a short time, get it done, and pick up after your shopping time.

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You can also book a technician visit at your home or just a coffee time. This call-out mobile phone repair service is available in Newport and Cardiff areas in Wales, UK. Moreover, We do all repairs on the same day under 60 minutes.

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