Exploring the Specifications of Summer Tyres

Throughout the warmer seasons of the year, you need to double-check that your tyres have appropriate tread on them. That way, you may tackle the problems of scorching summer asphalt with confidence. Because of this, companies that make tyres have come out with specialised summer tyres. They feature a novel tread composition and design to provide functionality that is particular to each period. The endurance that these tyres provide is phenomenal. Additionally, they improve the longevity of your Hankook Tyres Mansfield. 

We have only the most advanced and cutting-edge models of summer tyres in our extensive inventory. It will guarantee that your automobile will maintain its peak performance during the entire season. 

The Specifics of Summer Tyres 

Summer tyres vary significantly from winter and all-season tyres in regards to both structure and rubber composition. The following is an explanation of some of the most crucial characteristics that summer automobile tyres have to offer. You need to investigate it first before you can make an intelligent choice. 

Composition of Rubber

Solid rubber compositions are in use for the construction of summer tyres, in contrast to the softer compositions used in the construction of winter and all-season tyres. They also contain a lower percentage of organic rubber than the original product. Because of this formula, the tyre is capable of withstanding the extreme temperatures that are common on summer roadways. Additionally, it enhances traction, which results in enhanced handling. 

Tread Layout

Summer tyres have a lower tread thickness than their winter counterparts. Tyres with a higher contact patch with the road improve the vehicle’s steadiness and handling. Summer tyres, in contrast to their winter counterparts, come with a variation that also has unique tread bars. It contributes to the effective removal of moisture from the exterior of the object. Additionally, it increases the performance of hydroplaning. 

Summer Tyres at Our Facility

Here are a few of the best-selling summer tyres we have at our shop. Whenever you go out and get summer tyres, you need to first investigate. 

EcoContact 6

Continental AG’s EcoContact 6 is among the summer tyres that come highly advisable by the company. It uses cutting-edge silica technology. It lowers the rolling resistance and delivers increased economy in terms of fuel consumption. Additionally, it uses a cutting-edge compound called Green Chill 2.0, which works to significantly cut down on treadwear. Moreover, your vehicle will experience unsurpassed control on dry or wet roads thanks to this unit’s uneven tread pattern. 

Energy Saver

Michelin’s summer variation has a silica component of the upcoming version. On slick pavement, it provides the highest possible level of grip and handling. This model also has better frictional resistance. As a result, it will cut-down on the amount of gasoline that your car uses. In addition, the enhanced tread layout of this module efficiently manages treadwear, which results in a lengthening of the lifespan of the treads. This is a result of the consistent friction that occurs on the warm tarmac. 

These are simply a handful of examples. You may discover a wide variety of various models and manufacturers suitable for any kind of vehicle and within any price range on our webpage. As a result, there is no need to search anymore for tyres around you. You have the option of purchasing things from our location or shopping online. Currently, we are the approved facility that can provide you with summer tyres of exceptional grade at the greatest price. 

Do You Fear Driving With Faulty Tyres?

If this is the case, we strongly suggest that you use our facilities for tyre repair because of the excellent quality and reasonable prices we provide. Simply give us a call to reserve a time that works for you.

Learn How to Identify a Tyre That Is Past Repair

If of the below conditions, a specific damaged tyre is a past fix:

  • A tyre has a tread depth that is lower than the basic permissible level of 1.6 millimetres (mm).
  • The diameter of the rupture is either equivalent to or more than 6 millimetres.
  • The sidewall or outside tread is where the hole is.
  • There is a breach in the structural stability of Tyre.
  • There is deterioration to the rope or beads, incorporating rust and other elements.

If you are looking for a reputable service centre that specialises in tyre repair, the experts here are more than willing to help you. They have a solid understanding of all applicable legal requirements. When they are repairing Car Tyres Mansfield, they adhere to the same procedure religiously. 

The Method That We Use to Mend Tyres

At our tyre maintenance facility, the professionals apply a rigorous technique that includes the following process:


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