Gofer 2.0 – A New Update From Uber Clone Script

Uber is a well-known product for every entrepreneurs and startup. They are keen to produce excellent customer service and update regularly with trending features. You can expect a lot of new features from Uber which you can utilize to learn as well as improve your product.

Gofer 2.0, what’s new now?

Before jumping into features, let’s get little intro about Gofer 2.0.

Gofer is an Uber Clone App and comes with all the features to help you start the successful on-demand business. It comes with 3 web apps and 2 mobile apps to support any requirement. Gofer is also available in both iOS & Android.

Though Gofer has all similar feature like Uber, It differs in functionality and completely customizable to business needs. It is designed to adapt to all changes to the script. You can also bring new features with this app as our developers are ready to work with you.

Trending New Features of Uber Clone App:

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Fleet Management:

The fleet management is one which helps managers and multiple car owners to manage their vehicles and drivers with ease. It is a tool which helps its partner to manage their business. Here is a list of features that you can make use of fleet management.

  • It helps you to find out the performance of your driver like earning, rating, review which helps you to improve the overall experience.
  • You can contact driver with a tap or chat with them if needed.
  • This manager app helps you to track the location of the driver and their offline & online status.

Heat Map:

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The heat map is the one which helps the driver to know about new opportunities for a trip in a particular location. As there are more trips, the chance of surge pricing is high in those areas. It is the feature which helps to understand the demand and requirement of the service.

Google Translate:

As the Uber Clone Script is integrated with Google Translate API which helps you experience the site with any chosen language of your choice. Google Translate supports more than 100 languages in Google translate.

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Manual Booking:

Nobody wants to lose a customer, just like you. With a manual booking feature, you can book a cab for the customer who doesn’t have your app or contacts you via a telephone call. Thus, you can cover customers who don’t own an Android mobile.

Manage Driver Payout:

The driver payout tab has all the details about the driver like driver-Id, Name and Payout amount. You can manage weekly driver payout using this tab and make payment with ease. Thus, admin can easily manage the payouts of the driver.

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Summing Up:

We are sincere with every update and delivering the best technology that we can. You can expect more exciting updates from us. If you are interested in more updates then, check out more in our trioangle site blog.

Gofer 2.0 Demo –

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