Why Nonprofits Should Try HubSpot For Nonprofits?

If you’re a nonprofit, you’ve likely heard of HubSpot for Nonprofits. A powerful marketing tool, HubSpot helps nonprofits raise money, manage supporters, and track social media engagement. 

Nonprofits can take advantage of the powerful tools available without the hassle of contracting with a marketing company, or dealing with pushy salespeople. The software even comes with free tools for nonprofits, like a free website that is Google-optimized.

Free CRM

If you’re looking for a free CRM for nonprofits, HubSpot may be just what you need. The HubSpot for Nonprofits free CRM comes with one hour of free training and two complimentary webinars. These webinars are available both on-demand and live. You also get lifetime access to the HubSpot training videos. Here’s why nonprofits should try HubSpot. Here’s a quick comparison between Salesforce and HubSpot.

First, the HubSpot CRM is an excellent all-purpose CRM that supports unlimited users and up to 1 million contacts. In addition to a free CRM, it has features specific to nonprofits, including bulk emailing, social media engagement tracking, and management of supporters. The HubSpot for Nonprofits free CRM also comes with a free library of resources for nonprofits. With this, you’ll be able to better manage your fundraising efforts and your donors.

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Integrated Marketing Platform

HubSpot for Nonprofits is a complete, integrated marketing platform that helps nonprofits attract new visitors and keep current supporters engaged. The software makes blogging simple and effective, integrating A/B testing capabilities to optimize landing pages and track interactions across marketing channels. The integrated platform enables nonprofits to make better decisions and execute more effective campaigns. 

Often nonprofits have limited budgets and one person may have to handle several tasks. Taking the time to manage each task is difficult. This program will streamline and automate your marketing efforts so that your time is not wasted on managing multiple tasks. Nonprofits can easily send donations online and gain advocates. With HubSpot, nonprofits can easily engage supporters, raise funds, and grow their brand.

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Social Media Tools

HubSpot’s Later can help you get noticed on social media for your nonprofit. This social media management tool helps nonprofits create engaging content and reach relevant audiences. Low engagement on posts is a common problem among nonprofits. Later suggests the best times to post and highlights these times on a content calendar. It also offers analytics to determine whether a particular post is converting well. 

While HubSpot is an enterprise-grade tool, it does not require a huge initial investment and comes with several free features. Upgrade to a more robust version if you want to further optimize your organization’s operations. A consultation with a HubSpot consultant can help you decide which features are right for your nonprofit.

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For nonprofits, a good tool for managing your website content is HubSpot for Nonprofits templates. This platform was built with marketers in mind. With a simple backend interface and advanced features, it’s easy to manage every aspect of your website content. Nonprofits will be able to track their social media campaigns and create blog posts that will help them educate the public about their mission and the work they do.

The HubSpot for nonprofits starter theme features a visually appealing design with easy-to-use modules and sections. These templates allow nonprofit organizations to express themselves and grow through a powerful platform. Moreover, nonprofits will be able to track website activity, marketing emails, and revenue from their campaigns with the help of custom reports. Nonprofits can choose from a variety of templates, which are available in the HubSpot library.


Historically, the pricing of HubSpot for nonprofits has been out of reach for many smaller organizations. However, the company has changed that by providing 40 percent off the premium software for nonprofits. Now nonprofits can use this software to scale marketing efforts, improve their websites, and engage donors. For more information on pricing, read on. We’ve reviewed several nonprofit organizations that have been able to achieve success using HubSpot.

Nonprofit organizations are often run on limited budgets and have a small staff. However, one person is often charged with juggling multiple tasks. Fortunately, HubSpot provides practical solutions to streamline these tasks, making the entire process more efficient for nonprofit organizations. There’s no need to hire expensive consultants if you can use this software on a budget. HubSpot makes it easy to maximize your resources.


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