Top Trending Feature Of UberEats Clone Driver App

The most of the people are aware of online food delivery service and many are already using it. From a recent report, An average American orders food online at least once a month. This is a huge number and it shows the growth of a food delivery service.

The demand and requirement of food delivery service are kept on increasing and there is a void out there in the market that is yet to be filled. Thus, many entrepreneurs, startups and small companies are running towards the food delivery business.

If you are not aware of food delivery and how it works then, check out our blog to know basics of food delivery service.

Though competition is very high in food delivery, there is a lot of potential markets is yet to be occupied. With the best system, features and mobile app, you can easily reach success in the food delivery industry.

UberEats is one of the top food delivering companies in the industry. They have some unique set of features to help their delivery partners. Here are some must-have features of UberEats Clone (App like UberEats).

Top Features Of UberEats Clone Driver App:

Easy To Register:

Using the driver app, the driver can easily install and register in the app by providing required details like email, phone number, vehicle details and so on. All details provided by the driver are verified by the admin. There is a social login option available to drivers to prevent from login fails.


The map with navigation helps the driver to reach the target location easily which makes the delivery super fast. The updated map feature helps the driver with traffic and other barricades so that the driver can make an informed decision.

The map shows the fastest route to reach the target location. The heat map is also available which shows the driver’s chance of getting an order in the location.

Note: The map navigation doesn’t need an internet connection so that driver can work without internet. But you need an internet connection to accept the order and search in the map.

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Online & Offline Mode:

The online and offline mode option helps the driver to go online whenever the driver wants. Thus it prevents unnecessary cancellation of the orders and increases the quality of the service.

Track Your Earnings:

The driver can easily know about his earning through the app. The report is updated automatically so the driver can keep track of his earnings.

Note:  With the updated features that the driver can know his earnings before accepting the delivery.

Tipping Option:

The tipping helps the driver to earn more from the delivery service. This motivates the driver to provide a quality service to their customers.

Trips & Pickup:

The trip management tab helps the driver to know more about trip acceptance, trips completed, total fare. The driver can make use of this report to improve his overall performance.

The status bar will show the driver that order is ready to pick up. This feature will decrease the pickup time and make the delivery process more simple.

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Review & Rating:

The review & rating helps the customer as well as the restaurant to express the quality of the service. The ratings help the drivers with more orders and increase the performance of the driver.

Note: The driver can also see the latest trends and delivery metrics which helps them to plan the day accordingly.

The app which is easy to use and reliable is more helpful to your drivers. If you want to lead a successful business then, you need top features which supports your customers and business partners.

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