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3 Yoga Asanas best for weight loss?

Shredding the extra weight you have accumulated can be a tough job, especially when you are clueless about which diet to follow and the best exercise/s to do. The art of yoga originated many thousands of years ago in ancient India and has been practised since then for its many health benefits – both physiologically and psychologically. 

People who practice yoga hardly consider one basic reason to do so. The practice of yoga helps in toning your body and improves your physical and mental wellness and off course, weight loss. 

With the increasing demands and awareness, many people around the world and even celebrities and renowned personalities nowadays for the purpose of weight loss. Without the fear of any side effects it is very effective in fat reduction by improving the body’s metabolism. Today even the best nutritionist in Bangalore recommends yoga for weight loss and total wellness. They even recommend various and indifferent ways of practicing yogic postures for more positive and effective ways of losing weight. 

Yoga Asanas which are best for weight loss

Noted below are some of the best yogic poses for weight loss: 


It can be defined as a set of breathing exercises that have proven to be very effective for weight loss. The deep breathing techniques in pranayama helps in a miraculous way to lose fat, especially belly fat. Although effective, care should be administered while practicing these breathing exercises of yoga. One should do it empty stomach. This yoga is a proven technique for weight loss and people who suffer from the problems of acidity and indigestion. It is always advisable to start doing it under expert guidance before regularly doing it of your own. 

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Spinal Twists

It is another yogic exercise that is highly effective in the abdominal zone and for good digestion. It is a great set of exercises that is highly effective for toning the abs and burning calories. A very effective yoga for weight loss has numerous other health benefits for a fitter spinal cord and other areas around the belly and back.

Surya Namaskar or Sun Salutation

Surya namaskar or the Sun Salutation which is a great set of exercises that involves around 12 poses and is great for toning of the entire body and weight loss. It involves several poses along with sequential breathing techniques that benefits both the body and the mind. Experts advise to have a slow start with one to two rounds and slowly increase the same to ten to twelve rounds. It is strictly not recommended for pregnant females and people who have high blood pressure problems. 

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While you can always use yoga for the purpose of weight loss, it is important to understand that not all yogas are the same and some might just not work in your favour if you are particularly practicing yogic art for the sake of losing weight. 

You must find out the classes or yogic postures and exercises that are particularly meant for your purpose where weight loss is your primary goal. 

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Yoga for weight loss is only effective when you combine it with a healthy lifestyle like a proper weight loss diet. You must eliminate fast and junk foods, and as well unhealthy carbonated drinks out for your routine. Eat more of green vegetables, fruits, pulses, legumes and whole grains for the optimal results, as these foods provides your body with all the vital nutrients for better results and healthy living. 

If you have started practicing yoga, never break the routine and keep practicing even after you have achieved your desired results. For weight loss yoga is a great way to achieve a toned and flexible body, less of stress and anxiety, increase in concentration and strengthening of physical and mental health.


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