5 Store Locator WordPress Plugins for Local Business’ Website

Most businesses are going online to sell their products and services, but the importance of physical stores can never be undermined. Many customers like to have a feel of a product before they make their purchase decision. Even if they like a product on your website, they prefer to buy it from the physical store. It is, therefore, very important for local business websites to have a function that guides your prospective customer to your physical store.

WordPress plugin development companies have developed store locator plugins that can be implanted on your website. It helps your possible customers to easily locate you. It is a distinctive attribute on your website which accurately directs your visitors to your physical location. Including a neat map of the area where your store is located is a prerequisite in the store locator. It also helps to include some other useful information, such as the business hours, contact details and other information that you deem necessary. It would be better if you could furnish driving directions from any famous landmark in your vicinity. This article discusses a few store locators for local business’ website.

WP Google Maps

The most used store locator, this plugin helps you integrate the very popular and reliable Google Maps into your WordPress website. This feature allows you to add a customized map to your website. Besides providing a detailed map of your physical location on your business website, this feature can be utilized to highlight your delivery and service areas as well.

There are multiple map themes to choose from, and you also have the freedom to define the height and width of the map. The plugin supports the Google Maps Street view that helps visitors get accustomed to the major landmarks near your store.

WP Store Locator

Considering the broad range of features it has to offer, WP Store Locator is an astonishing store locator plugin that is quite easy to use. If you have more than one store to look after, this plugin can serve as a single-point location management solution. It’s a boon for businesses that have multiple stores across the different location. It allows you to manage an illimitable number of stores.

This plugin always keeps things simple for multi-store business owners. You can add customized maps to your website, while at the same time customize the labels. The plugin also allows you to furnish all necessary information, such as contact details, anywhere on your WordPress website.

Store Locator Plus

This is a very popular store locator WordPress plugin which many top brands from across the globe bank upon. Designed by WordPress plugin development professionals, it is primarily meant for multi-outlet businesses. It is good for any number of stores that you might be managing. It is immaterial whether you have just a few stores or a thousand stores to look after.

You can integrate this plugin to create a location finder on your website through a simple process. Programming knowledge is not required to use this plugin. It’s easily customizable and comes in handy in managing stores in different countries as well.

10 Web Map Builder for Google Maps

It’s a very practical plugin that allows you to translate the functional properties of Google Maps right into your WordPress Website. You can add a limitless number of maps, tools to identify geographical locations, layers and markers, etc. Maps can be easily customized and the live preview option allows you to notice and follow the changes right away. Of the many premier attributes, the directions feature help the prospective customer find the possible routes to your physical location. 10Web Map Builder for Google Maps is truly a great tool to integrate Google Maps into your website.

Agile Store Locator

This plugin is particularly useful for businesses that have partnerships with other stores in their locality. Its category management system allows you to add multiple stores in your area. Your site visitors can get information on the best stores that match their search and get their exact location and directions to reach there. Agile Store Locator is ideal for blogs that cover local businesses. The prospective customers can utilize the store locator on these blogs to get information on the store’s actual location.

A store locator is a very handy website tool for local businesses for converting their site visitors into real customers by encouraging them to visit their physical stores. There are many professionals involved in WordPress plugin development who regularly update and develop new store locator plugins for WordPress. With many businesses having a presence in multiple countries, you can also find an offshore WordPress development company involved in it. A store locator makes it very convenient for website visitors to reach the stores they wish to visit.

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