Top 7 tools for creating engaging social media videos, images and Gifs

An excellent marketing strategy involves the right social media posts that can help you capture the attention of your audience. However, with so many social media posts for different social media accounts there comes the need to customize each social media post depending on its suitability. From images to videos to gifs, if you know how to play it right with the right tools for such kinds of content pieces then you are sure to come up with really enticing social media posts. Here are 7 such tools that you need to know about!


Typorama is meant for creating quotes, images and stories. It can be availed for free and you can work it in a variety of ways to create complex design layouts. Its other features include:

  • Adjustment tools, overlays and photo filters for polishing image background
  • Adds your brand logo to images
  • 40 typographic styles
  • Advanced options for cropping


This tool helps you to create quotes and images in two easy ways. One is the “Original” method where you can tap the plus button and use a base photo and then do all your creative work on it. Second is the “Remix” method where you can tap the remix button below any post and then use its layers along with your base photo. You can use this excellent tool for free for your digital marketing strategy.


Stencil helps you in creating graphics for your social media posts quickly and creatively. This tool is widely used for SEO purposes too as appealing graphics increase your chances of ranking high on the search engines. Stencil consists of a library including features such as:

  • More than 100000 quotes
  • More than 1200000 background images
  • More than 70 templates
  • More than 2100 web fonts

Giphy capture

If you want to create stunning gifs for your social media posts then go for Giphy capture. With this amazing tool, you can capture just anything on your screen and transform it into a gif, video, demo, etc in just a few clicks. The tool is absolutely user-friendly and allows easy editing, uploading and sharing options.

This user-friendly short media editing tool is free and comes with a host of stunning effects that allow you to add features such as stickers, padding, captions, etc. to your gifs. You can easily select a video of your choice and click on “auto-gif” and the tool will automatically suggest 6 different gifs to you. This can greatly help you in your digital marketing campaign. 

Lumen 5

This wonder-tool analyzes the content of your blog posts and automatically creates a video storyboard for your blog or social media post. It also suggests relevant images and videos which can be used easily just by drag and drop feature.


If you want to make the most of your marketing strategy then make use of this amazing video creating tool called Animoto. It works astonishingly in turning your video clips and photos into video slideshows and that too with minimal effort. It has a unique feature of creating square videos making it one of the most widely used video tools for social media posting.

With the right tools, you can save a lot of time in coming up with creative and out-of-the-box social media content including videos, images and gifs.


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