Potential legal pitfalls to avoid when buying and selling property

Real estate investment is undoubtedly a lucrative business idea. You can mint money provided things go right. However, if you are oblivious to the legalities, then you are in for trouble. Not understanding the legal laws can be a critical error on your part.

You must consult the real estate lawyer when it comes to property issues.

If you lack knowledge, then do not take any risk regarding your legal issues. You should consult lawyers who hold expertise in the relevant niche for legal matters related to other niches. For example, you can look into legal services at Holding Redlich for your corporate or commercial legal issues.

We will now talk about some legal mistakes that you must avoid when buying and selling real estate.

Avoid mistakes when buying and selling real estate

Do not miss out on property description in the agreement

If you are selling property, then the agreement needs to have adequate information about the property being sold. The legal description aims to define the property in a unique way, and this information stays in the document forever.

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It is crucial to use the right legal nomenclature when defining the description.

Selling the property without having legal authority

As a seller, you should not sell a property if you do not have the legal authority. If you were granted the authority in presence of a lawyer, then you can go ahead with the sale. If not, then you should not proceed with the sale.

 If the home buyer finds out later that you do not have the authority to sell the property, then it kills the element of trust. Plus, home buyers can face significant legal trouble later.

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Trusting your broker regarding the legal issues

Some brokers have massive experience in the field of real estate. Well, this is why they believe that they are in a position to advise their clients. They often suggest solutions to legal issues. However, the fact remains there that legal matters are not the forte of a broker.

Once these solutions get presented to the lawyers, they are often deemed not suitable. The broker’s responsibility, is to direct their clients to lawyers when it comes to taxation and other legal aspects.

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 Secondly, a broker should never guarantee the sale price to their clients. Many brokers want to sign representation agreements with their clients without doing any research. It is a serious blunder which can get the broker and the client into trouble.

When you are buying or selling property, avoid these pitfalls by all means. Seek legal advice from an expert in the field. The benefit is that you will not have to worry about any surprises coming your way.

When you follow a proactive approach, then you can buy and sell property with confidence. There will be an element of transparency when you follow the best legal route. Adopt a safe approach towards buying and selling property.


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