Christmas Checklist – 6 Ways to Impress Clients During the Holiday Season

The holiday season is a fantastic time to delight your clients, reminding them why they should stick with your business going into the new year and beyond. To help your company make an impact in the year to come, here are six ways to impress clients during the holiday season: 

Send Them More Than a Thank You Email

Your company should send out thank you emails at the end of the year to let clients know that they are appreciated. However, if you want your business to stay in their minds longer than a brief read, go the extra mile and send corporate gifts instead? Branded corporate gifts like high-quality stationery and eco-friendly office goods are useful, and because they are branded, they are a constant reminder of your company. 

Look Ahead

Remember, it isn’t just your business thinking about the year ahead. Lots of your clients are going into the new year with plans for expansions, changes, and new strategies too. Why not impress them by anticipating these needs and offering support? Check with them about their plans to see if you could help in any way. They will appreciate the initiative. 

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Communicate Through the Holidays

Over Christmas, some businesses make the mistake of pulling back on the service they usually provide because their focus is on developing product lines and going into the new year strong. In a recent study, though, product quality, expertise, and responsiveness were the biggest indicators that a brand garnered customer loyalty. 

It’s important to stay aware. If you do drop the ball on communication during this time, you could find that you go into the new year losing some important clients. 

Keep Holiday Wishes Neutral

Studies show that religious outlooks in America are broad: 

● 70% of people identify as Christian

● 1% are Jewish

● 1% are Muslim

● 17% have no religious affiliation at all

● 8% are Hispanic Catholics

● Buddhists, Hindus, and other religions make up the remaining few percent 

To avoid offending your clients and to demonstrate how culturally aware you are, keep the cards and gifts you send out neutral. “Happy Holidays” works well as a general blanket greeting for this time of year.

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Make Sure They Feel Seen

A quarter of all Americans feel they don’t have anyone to confide in. Whilst it is not your job (or even a good idea) to get involved with your clients on a personal level, at Christmas, it doesn’t hurt to remember that your clients are people who could be sad, stressed, or struggling. 

All it takes to make someone feel seen is a friendly and sincere “how are you?” With these three simple words, you can ensure your clients feel appreciated for more than just the money they pay your business. It’s a simple gesture they won’t forget. 

Show Compassion & Kindness

Giving back increases brand loyalty, so why not show your clients how much you are giving back at this time of year with charity cards or a fundraiser? The only caveat to this is ensuring it has depth and you’re not just presenting as charitable when it really isn’t part of your company ethos. Clients will see through this kind of spin, and it could reflect badly on your business, so it’s important to be sincere. 

With the suggestions above, you can show your valued customers just how fantastic you think they are. Hopefully, this will lead to a productive and successful 2022 for you and your clients. 


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