A Comprehensive Guide To Developing A Best-in-class eScooter App

“A sustainable business is resource efficient, respects the environment, and a good neighbor,” states Phil Harding. People are witnessing and experiencing the environmental impacts of using nonrenewable energy resources.

The Earth gets warmed up, and resources get depleted, leaving us high and dry. Hence, people have switched to energy-efficient modes of transport. One such major innovation in recent times is the eScooters. eScooters are sleek in design and run on renewable electrical energy.

People find these E-scooters easy to commute, as it helps avoid traffic, leading to significant time conservation. Entrepreneurs have identified the scope of this vastly expanding market. Apps like Uber for E-Scooters provide people with these vehicles on a rental basis. This way, people can book the vehicle and drop them off as per their convenience.

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The market for eScooters is growing exponentially at a CAGR of 7.7% between 2018 and 2030. The sales of these vehicles are flourishing, with almost five million scooters sold in 2018. In this blog, let’s take a comprehensive look into how to develop an E-Scooters App.

What are the stages involved in eScooter App Development?

As an entrepreneur, you must know the in and out of developing the app. The different stages include,

  • Analyzing your requirements: In this stage, you’ll get to know the requirements of developing the app. Seeking help from an expert technical team can come in handy.
  • Doing extensive market research: In this stage, you do a market study to identify the demands of your locality. Doing surveys and customer feedback plays a prominent role in this stage. You can visualize your app better by knowing customer expectations.
  • Designing the UI/UX: After identifying the requirements and demands of the eScooter app development, you’ll initiate app development by designing the UI/UX of the app. A simple and user-friendly app design can enhance the customer engagements towards the app.
  • Integrating features into the app: The next crucial stage in eScooter app development is to incorporate the features and functionalities into the app. Stand-apart features can propel your app among the masses.
  • Developing the back-end of the app: Maintaining servers and databases is critical in managing app traffic. This constitutes the back-end development of the app. Besides, integrating key features into the admin panel also takes place in this stage.
  • App testing and launch: Upon development, your app is tested for defects and bugs. However, synonymous testing during app development can greatly conserve time and effort. Once approved, your app is launched across different digital platforms like Android, iOS, etc.

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What are the features worth considering during eScooter app development?

Your E-scooter rental app must provide a perfect blend of basic and stand-apart features. Let’s discuss certain vital features here,

Features of User app:

  • Registration: Users can register with the app either via their Email IDs or via different social media handles.
  • Search and filter options: Users can search from a wide range of scooters available. They can filter out eScooters based on their ratings, price, etc.
  • In-app navigation: Users can locate E-Scooters in their vicinity without any hassles with the help of in-app navigation, aided by the GPS technology.
  • QR Scanning: Users can scan QR codes on scooters to start their trip. This unlocking feature is simple yet attractive to the masses.
  • Smart Lock: Users, after completing their trip, can lock the scooters with this feature. This way, the system becomes entirely automated.
  • Payment options: Users can pay via different payment options, including credit/debit cards, digital wallets, etc.
  • Ratings and reviews: Users can share their experience in the form of reviews and can rate scooters on a scale of 1–5.

Features of Admin panel:

  • God’s eye view: Admins can monitor the entire activity happening around the app with the help of this feature.
  • Fleet management: Admins can manage fleet effectively by gathering all details like remaining battery power, speed limit, etc.
  • Fare management: Admins can maintain different fares at different times and locations, depending on the demand.

How does an on-demand E-Scooter platform work?

Now, let’s take a look at the workflow of an E-Scooter platform,

  • Initially, users download the app and register with any one of the social media handles available in the app.
  • Users, after enabling their location services, get to search vehicles in the vicinity.
  • Users can confirm the booking by paying via different payment gateways integrated into the app.
  • Users get the exact location of the E-Scooter, and they can begin their ride by scanning the QR code present on the vehicle.
  • After commencing the trip, users park the vehicle in a confined place and use the smart lock option to lock the E-Scooter.
  • After successful completion, they can rate and review their ride experience.

How much does it cost to develop an on-demand E-Scooter Rental platform?

Now comes the most crucial part for any entrepreneur, the budget involved. The cost involved in developing the app depends on different factors. They include,

  • The customization involved in the app
  • The features you integrate into the app
  • The business model you choose for the platform
  • The team involved in developing the app

As a result, it takes anywhere between 2000–2500 hours, costing about $30,000 — $40,000 for the E-scooter app development.

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Wrapping up,

The environmental impact of the globe has pushed people to adopt alternative ways to commute. E-Scooter apps have begun to gain popularity among people worldwide. Entrepreneurs needn’t hesitate to set foot in this flourishing market. All these development stages are critical in their own respect and involve the utmost care and dedication.

Unique features will significantly increase your chances of success in the market. A seamless workflow can enhance the reliability of users towards the platform. Get in touch with an app development company and develop your online E-Scooter platform today!


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