FxPro Trading Review

FxPro Trading Review

They are who they are.

When you look over their website, it is clear that they are not under any regulatory agency. That is a MAJOR RED FLAG!! That should be enough warning for you to not invest in these companies. Additionally, they work with sites that provide “Automated trading software” which is a red flag because these types of website is notoriously renowned for their scams.

This means that bitindex prime Broker  another broker that is not regulated This means that the customers aren’t protected and it is extremely likely that they will steal from your hard-earned cash and there is no regulatory body to hold them accountable.

What is the process?

Most unregulated forex brokers operate in the following manner. They call clients in order to persuade them to deposit the minimum deposit required as they try every strategy to get it done by it index prime. They’ll make promises that seem too promising to be true for example, we’ll increase your deposit by a third or make you $100 per day with ease. Beware of what they claim! It is a SCAM! After your initial deposits, users are transferred to a more sophisticated fraudster, referred to as”retention agent” “retention agent”, who is trying to extract more money from you.

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Funds to withdraw

It is important to send your withdrawal request ASAP since your money is not safe when you use a broker that is not regulated. This is where things become a bit difficult.

If you want to withdraw your funds and it doesn’t matter if you are earning profits or not, they’ll delay the process of withdrawing for a period of time. If they hold it off for 6 months, you won’t be able to make charges anymore, and the money will disappear for good. No matter how frequently you call them to remind them or demand that they withdraw your money, you’ll never get them back. If you have agreed to sign your signature to the Managed Account Agreement or MAA that basically authorizes the bank to do whatever they like with your account, they’ll forfeit all your funds, so there will be nothing to do.

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How do you claim your money back?

If you have already made a deposit of your money at them and they are unable to refund the funds back. Which is likely, do not panic there could be one of the ways to receive your money back.First first, you have to keep your emails to prove that you’ve been asking for the refund from them but they do not give it to you, or hold up the process for too long in the hope of bit index ai.

First thing that you must do is conduct an immediate chargeback! You should complete this immediately! Contact your credit or bank provider and tell them how you were cheated into making deposits to a company trading which is not regulated and refuses to pay you your funds back. It is a most common method of obtaining your money back, but it is also the one which is the most damaging to them. Since if there’s a large number of chargebacks made, it can ruin their relationship with companies that provide payment services. If you’ve never attempted this before or aren’t sure where you should begin or how you can make your case known to your credit or bank company.

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What are the wires?

If you’ve sent them an electronic wire, there’s no way to conduct chargebacks on wires. In this case, you have to escalate the dispute to a higher stage. Let them know that you’ll be contacting the authorities to make a complaint against them. It will cause them to think twice about the possibility of refund. Another option is to write an email for the agencies that regulate. In the case of the country in which you reside, use Google to find the regulatory agency that regulates Forex brokers within that country. You can then write an email or letter detailing the way you were deceived by them. Be sure to send this letter or email to them and inform them that you’ll submit it to the agency that regulates you should they refuse to reimburse your money. 

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Review Broker FXPro and make sure to leave comments regarding Broker FXPro on other websites

Another way to harm them and prevent others from being victim is to leave negative reviews on other sites and write down the details of what happened. If you’ve been a victim, please write a review and leave your feedback on this site in the comments section.

Broker FXPro Review Conclusions

The Broker FXPro trading review is an absolute pleasure for us and we’d like to help save as many investers as we can from losing their hard-earned money. Careful look at every one of the Forex businesses, and any other business in general, prior to you sign any contract.

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