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How to Sky-Rocket Your Organic Reach on Facebook in 2020

Facebook is continuously changing its algorithm, so it becomes difficult for one to sustain the engagement ratio. But still, Facebook remains the most preferred medium for marketers to publicize the product. Therefore, to keep the graph of your reach in an upward direction, you need to understand how the algorithm works. Also, to adapt the latest tactics according to rapid changes happening across Facebook.

This article is all about how to tackle Facebook algorithm and increase your organic reach on Facebook in 2020. But before diving into this, let’s understand why you need to maximize your reach.

Why Do You Need to Increase Your Organic Reach on Facebook?

On average, Facebook engagement is somewhere in between one to six percent. But many pages have incredibly grown their engagement rate.

The ones who succeeded in beating the algorithm get incredible results. And only the highly engaging content has the potential to do it.

Today, I am going to explain some easy tips on how you can manage to bring more people to your posts. So, stick around to this article till the end.

Publish More Videos

As videos are the future of content marketing; therefore, every social station is favoring the video content in the newsfeed. Facebook also wants to become the next generation streaming television that gives a tough competition to YouTube. 70% videos, 20% photos and 10% links are the ideal division for any for Facebook marketers. Links get the least engagement, but the good news is that you can add links to posts and videos.

Getting Live on Facebook

One of the hottest trends of Facebook is its live feature. Facebook live gets six times more engagement than a regular video on the newsfeed. Going live once a week is a good idea. Due to the real-time connection, possibly it can get ten times more comments. More the comments translate into the better engagement of your other content as well.

Ask Questions

No more videos, no more visuals ask the simple question and see the fantastic results. Keep these questions relevant to your subject matter of the Facebook page. For instance, if you’re running FB page of your travel agency then you can where you want to go this Christmas?

Prefer Quality over Quality

Some people believe that focusing on volume can result in increasing your overall reach. But this is not how the algorithm works. Facebook only appreciate the quality of your content. Sharing one good-quality post a day is far better than bombarding your followers with multiple posts a day. You’re more likely to get maximized reach on your post.

Drive Traffic from Other Platforms

You can copy to clipboard the URL of any post at Facebook. This link can be shared on other social stations to drive more traffic at your FB content. These social stations can be Twitter, Emails, Instagram, WhatsApp, and you can let them know that you’ve posted something on Facebook.

Allocate Ad Budget

I know you’re here to learn the ways that can bring organic reach for you, but this is one of the foolproof and quickest ways. Even a small-sized business can amplify their organic reach with a nominal budget. After that, you’ll see a boost, and other posts will get more traction, more engagement with few dollars. Never buy Facebook likes as it can hurt your brand reputation. Just invest your money on Facebook ads and wait for outcomes.

Things You Should Avoid:

Don’t invest your time in such things that can hamper your engagement. Those things are jotted down below.

Don’t Share YouTube Video Links

Since YouTube is the biggest competitor of Facebook, therefore; it is useless to promote your YouTube videos on Facebook. Even if you’re getting the excellent reach of your content but still your YouTube videos will get the least attention. However, you can check it yourself.

Avoid Being Completely Off-Topic

Keep your content relevant to your subject matter. However, sometimes you can get off-topic and keep the interest of your audience. You can add some humour in your content to make it worth watching. But being completely off-topic isn’t an ideal thing to do.

While working on your target segment, you have a clear idea about their interest and the reason why they are following you.

Bottom Line:

Facebook is always looking for and appreciates specifically video content, Fb live. Due to this reason, these content types drive more engagement. Although it is a time-consuming process, that doesn’t mean you can’t get it.

Just Follow these ideas as mentioned above, avoid the DON’T and increase your organic reach on Facebook. you can make it easier.

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