Influencer Marketing Platforms and Effectiveness of Micro-influencers

What is influence marketing?

An exciting opportunity for anyone with an entrepreneurial mindset is to become an Influence Marketer. Influencer marketing is a type of marketing that focuses on the “who” that is delivering the message rather than a complicated marketing or commercial strategy. Finding a person who has the level of clout, knowledge and brand to “influence” your customers is an easy way to be successful (if you can find the right person, and they come at a price you can afford).

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Effectiveness of Micro-influencers

Whereas celebrity endorsements are not new it has been found that these types of macro-influencers are not as impactful as people that are less famous and work on a smaller level. Micro-influencers are people that have small, but very engaged followings (i.e. fewer than 20,000 followers on Instagram, as an example).

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This group makes up the largest portion of another group called digital influencers (those that are completely contained in the social, online channel). There are many reasons why Micro-Influencers are successful, here are a few:

  • Cost-Effective — cost much less than mega-celebrities
  • They are perfect for the “start small — grow big” approach
  • They are the pros as content creation as this is what got them their following to being with.
  • Highly engaged, Loyal audience — They talk, and their people listen
  • More authentic and personal than their more celebrity counterparts
  • Ability to tap into / choose them because of their “niche” audience (one that matches what you are trying to promote)

The idea is to find someone who is already talking to the direct customers you want to reach and use their “influence” to attract those customers to your concept or product.

Other facts

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How do I become an influencer?

Becoming the person that companies seek out to be an influencer is a potentially lucrative opportunity. The question is though. How do I become an influencer?

It is a basic 5-step plan:

  1. Develop your “why” — this is also known as “finding your niche”. It is your area of expertise…the thing you enjoy most. The area where your knowledge and interest collide. The thing that gets you out of bed in the morning.
  2. Share your knowledge — give it freely. It may be delivered to only a room of two people (or 10 friends on Facebook), but show your knowledge, and find people that share your interests and want to learn more.
  3. Deliver with enthusiasm — Be excited and people will be attracted to what you do. Have a strong “why” for what you are doing, and people will want to hear what you say and see what you do.
  4. Network and Develop your Brand — Get to know people in your field. Collaborate, contribute and compete (yes compete, it brings out the best). Help people see you in your field and get to know and expect specific things from you. That is how you start to develop a following.
  5. Engage your audience — Every person that gives you alike leaves a comment, chooses to follow you can be “cemented in your corner” if you take the time to interact them. Like a performer signing autographs after the big show, taking time to respond to comments, seek out followers’ pages (and comment on their content) grows your following and endears your crowd.

Following these 5 steps is a start…and will give you an amazing foundation for future success.

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Using an influence Marketing hub

There are many places you can go to connect with influencer marketing and marketers. One spot you can go to is <>. It is one of many websites that give you access to influencer strategy articles and connections to help you both find an influencer or work to develop yourself as an influencer also.

Platforms where we find niche influencers

There are many platforms and tools that are available to help you find relevant influencers through social media… I have done the work for you and will list you three of the top ones here:

Awario is a social listening tool which monitors major social media networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Reddit) as well as news, blogs, forums, and the general web content mentions of your brand and/or any other keyword.

Klear is a freemium tool made specifically for influencer marketing. Klear breaks down influencers in 60,000 topic categories and analyzes their demographics and psychographics. It’s essentially a database of influencers, so the search doesn’t take much time. You can filter the influencer lists by social media network, the size of their audience, their skills, location, the keywords they mention, as well as by the demographics of both the influencers and their audience.

Traackr is an influencer marketing platform that does influencer marketing from start to finish – from finding social media influencers to measuring the results of the campaign.

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I have given you a lot of information about “Influencer Marketing”. This is just the tip of what is available and, more importantly, what is possible. Take this info and find the influence you need to be successful.


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