Triple Talaq in India

The Supreme Court of India has made an immediate separation of Islam in violation of the Constitution, which marks a great victory for women’s activist rights.

At a judgment of most 3-2, the court called the “non-Islam” practice.

India is one of the few countries where a person can divorce his wife for a few minutes by saying the word talaq (divorce) three times.

The so-called “Triple Talaq” custom.

Women were given five Muslim women divorced in this case and two groups of rights.

The women’s activist rights have taken the court’s decision as a historic victory.

What is a divorce right away?

Many people in the world are interested in the world. Some of these cases, when women are discussing the custom.

  • How Muslim women win in battle
  • Women who have challenged the Triple Talaq
  • The fight against quick separation

The Triple Talaq divorce does not mention the Sharia Islamic law or the Koran, though the practice has existed for decades.
According to Islamic scholars, the Koran clearly declares how to spend a divorce should spread within 3 months, need to give some time for reflection and reconciliation.
Most bans in Islam, including Pakistan, and Bangladesh, declare Triple Talaq, but the custom continues in India, with no uniform set of marital and divorce laws, which apply to every citizen.

What does the court say?

Three of the five judges of the Supreme Court are called “non-Islamic, arbitrary and unconstitutional” controversial exercises. One of the judges, Justice Curia Joseph, said it was not an integral part of Islam and had no protection.

The judges also said it was “clearly arbitrary” to allow a man to violate the marvelous marriage and be remarkable.

Chief Justice, JS Khehar, in a dissenting opinion. English translation, However, this is not the case.

The Indian government, led by Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), endorsed the practice. The Prime Minister Narendra Modes raised the issue many times, thus on its Independence Day Address on August 15.

“Strong message” – via Geeta Pandey’s Profile, BBC News

The decision is a great success for Muslim women. For many decades, they have to live with the threat of an immediate divorce before their heads like a cigar.

Campaigns over the years. Many have lost hope, or have been forced to return to their parents’ homes or defend themselves.

The Supreme Court also sent a powerful message to Muslim priests. The Muslim personal law firm of India calls for “suppression” training, but it is not a problematic for courts and governments to interfere. This final decision is not longer than the case.


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