Photos viewer app not working in 1803 since the latest update

Windows 10 Photo viewer app is a very handy app and has pretty much evolved during the last few feature updates. Windows 10 version 1803 even allows you to edit Videos and Photos too.

The app was working very well since the feature update was released but not since the case of the last cumulative update.

Windows 10 cumulative update KB4345421 seems to break Photos app in Windows 10 1803. Many users are reporting on the forums that when trying to open Photos app, users get thrown with File system error XXXXXXXXXX, both of the ways File explorer or Directly opening Photos app.

There is no fix for this right now and the users are just advised by MVPs to use classic Photo viewer app or 3rd party App like Irfanview.

If you are affected by this, make sure to file feedback in feedback Hub. You can find the instructions here:

To Restore classic Photo viewer in Windows 10, this guide should help you:

The newest update released yesterday KB4340917 seems not to fix this. Seems like Microsoft needs more time to fix this.

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