Digital Dilemmas – 4 Online Business Problems

Business running is not an easy, no matter what industry you’re in. However, if you operate exclusively online, you will face a host of challenges reserved only for those in the digital sphere.

Here are 4 Online Business Problems experience and how you can solve them:

Problem 1: Obnoxiously High Office Expenses

Spending your hard-earned money on rent or commercial property when the majority of your business activity is online can seem like a joke. The harsh truth is, it is indeed a waste of money, mainly if you are operating a start-up where you should be focused on protecting your bottom line and directing all your funds into growth.

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What plenty of online businesses have done instead, is turn to alternatives like virtual offices. This way, you can maintain a professional appearance, with a CBD address and inclusions like phone answering and mail services, without having to pay rent and utility bills on a permanent space you don’t need.

Problem 2: Taking On Too Many Jobs

New business and start-up founders will often burden themselves with too much work as their business may not be position yet to hire more staff. The problem is, overworking yourself can negatively impact the quality of your work and professional appearance. You need to oversee the management of your business and be focused enough to express your vision to partners, workers, and clientele.

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Getting caught up in micromanaging will reduce your ability to do this well.

Outsourcing to freelancers is a great place to start with sharing the load. If you go ahead with a virtual office, you’ll also be able to take advantage of professional receptionists to answer your calls and make appointments on your behalf. This will leave you to focus on the bigger picture.

Problem 3: A Lack Of Visibility IRL

When you don’t have a physical storefront or office, it can feel as though your enterprise is invisible to the offline world. Of course, this isn’t true. As long as customers are using your services, you are making a difference in people’s lives and operating a valuable business.

Still, if you want to increase your exposure, consider offering promotional gifts to your clients and staff or even as giveaway items to boost your social media presence. Acts of generosity like this can help increase exposure for your business and reflect favourably on your brand image. Just make sure not to overdo it – nobody wants 100 different branded stationery items!

Problem 4: Falling Behind With Social Media

Maintaining a presence on social media for your business can be overwhelming. Social media marketing is easily accessible, but as a result, it is incredibly competitive and can be challenging to execute without a dedicated manager or assistant.

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Whatever you do, don’t allow this to paralyze your social media activity. Having outdated information will reflect negatively on your business, and having no presence at all will limit your reach to thousands of online leads.

Start by creating one or two business profiles on the most popular platforms your clients are likely to use. Update them with:

  • Your contact details;
  • Relevant imagery of your logo and business (avoid stock images);
  • Information on your products;
  • Any current offers;
  • Significant changes customers need to be aware of.

From here, you can train yourself to master the finer details or hire a social media manager or freelancer.

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Now that you’re aware of these online business problems, you have the chance to troubleshoot without experiencing the trouble!

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