5 legitimate reasons to evict a tenant

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In India, the laws regulating the tenancy business have been known to favour the tenants, making the landlord’s life difficult. Eviction refers to the expulsion of a tenant from the property, legally, by the landlord. In order to successfully evict a tenant, the landlord must provide him with an eviction notice with the help of a property lawyer in Delhi, stating a just reason for the same. In case the tenant doesn’t vacate the premises, a suit can be filed in an appropriate Civil Court, providing the rent agreement along with the tenant’s acknowledgement to the eviction notice.

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5 Legitimate Reasons to Evict a Tenant

  • Non-Payment of Rent: The most common ground for eviction, worldwide, is the non-payment of rent. In most cases, the judge would rule in favour of the landlord unless the landlord has failed to provide a ‘habitable dwelling’. Consult the best property lawyers in Mohali to evict a tenant.
  • Violation of the Rent Agreement: Next to the non-payment of rent, if the tenant violates the rent agreement, it provides for another justifiable ground for the landlord to evict his tenant from the leased property. Few of the most common violations are unapproved subletting, unauthorized/improper use, nuisance complaints etc.
  • Damage to the Property: For any destruction to the property due to reasons such as negligence, or a willful act; the landlord can sue the tenant for the recovery of damages and can hereby furnish an eviction notice with help of a property lawyer in Mumbai, which the tenant has to comply with. On non-compliance of such notice, the landlord might file a suit.
  • Use of the premises for an Illegal or Immoral purpose: In case a resident has committed a crime, the landlord has the right to evict him from the property.
  • Expiration of the Lease: All good things must one day come to an end, but sometimes an occupant might refuse to move out as per the agreement. If the lease agreement has naturally come to apr even if it has been terminated with a proper notice, the landlord has a right to file for an eviction suit in the court with help of property lawyers in Gujarat.
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