NRI Property Fraud: Recognize, React and Protect

As an NRI, it's crucial to conduct thorough research before buying or selling property in India to prevent fraud. Consider…

5 months ago

5 Reasons Why You Should Sell Your House for Cash

Selling your home for cash has a lot of benefits. Once you read all the reasons, you should do it…

1 year ago

Tips for NRIs planning to gift property in India

Summary  The article covers the points to remember by NRIs while they are planning to give their property in India…

1 year ago

What is property encroachment, and how to handle it?

Summary: Property encroachment is when someone violates an owner’s property rights.Land grabbing, land encroachment and trespassing is a legal offence.There…

1 year ago

Ways in which NRI can transfer their property

Let us get acquainted with the word 'transfer' in a legal term. According to the Transfer of Property Act, 1882,…

3 years ago

Saving yourself from fraud while buying or selling a property

It is a bitter fact that there is an occurrence of frauds while buying or selling the property. Misinformation or…

4 years ago

How to save title of your property from illegal occupants?

Illegal possession on your property can lead to adverse possession if you don't take a timely action. An owner of…

5 years ago

Land Kabza- What to do?

Land Kabza means someone else has occupied theland of an actual owner. The problem is common with NRIs as they…

5 years ago

5 legitimate reasons to evict a tenant

In India, the laws regulating the tenancy business have been known to favour the tenants, making the landlord’s life difficult.…

5 years ago

Property rights of daughters Under Hindu Law in India EMPOWER YOURSELF: Know your property rights as a Daughter

6 years ago

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