Ecommerce industry is developing rapidly: Use Alibaba Clone app

The term ‘eCommerce’ is not new to the market and users. Ever since its inception, it has been one of the established and revenue-generating industries in the market. It is a beneficial platform that lets even the smallest stores gain profit and visibility. Users are also able to shop from stores across the globe after these eCommerce platforms came into existence. 

When speaking about eCommerce, many well-established platforms are used by millions of users across the world. Amazon, Flipkart, Alibaba, and several other eCommerce giants are ruling the market for a few years now.

People are dependent on these apps for multiple products. Among these key players, Alibaba is a huge brand that was founded by Jack Ma, and it accounts for almost 58% of the total online eCommerce sales. It has around 755 million active users and is a strong competitor to other eCommerce giants. 

How do I build an eCommerce app like Alibaba for my venture?

Every entrepreneur who has witnessed the success of Alibaba will have this crucial question in mind. The solution is simple. Any businessperson can develop an Alibaba clone app with the most experienced firm in town – Appdupe. We have been providing clone apps to several clients across the globe, and each one of them has been benefited by it. 

The total cost of developing an Alibaba clone:

Before estimating the exact app development cost, our experts will discuss a few cost-impacting factors:

The business model of the app – A proper revenue-generating business model should be implemented. Only then will it move towards becoming an established brand in the market and yield high profits. 

App design and features – An attractive UI/UX design is known to attract users towards the app. So, we build an easy to use interface design and finalize the feature-set with you. Any number of attributes will be included in the app by our experts. 

Payment gateway integration – Integration of the most secure payment gateways will earn the trust of your users. So, we make sure that the gateways included are safe. 

Third-party integration – Any third-party systems or tools will also be integrated into the eCommerce app if required. This will also influence the cost of the app. 

Technology stack – Building the app with the best tools and technologies will enable a smooth and engaging experience. Therefore, our developers will give you an idea of the tools required and finalize on the cost. 

Platform compatibility – Launching the app with access to global users is one of the key elements that determine the success of the app. Any reputed company will help you launch your app with multilingual support across major app platforms. 

Summing up!

Once these factors have been finalized, the total cost required for development will be estimated by our team. We make sure to build optimized and versatile Alibaba clone software under your budget. Contact Appdupe and any other company and avail of our cost-efficient services right away. 


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