Top 10 PHP Frameworks for E-commerce Development in 2020

The most important step a business owner needs to take to sustain in the digital era is to deliver their product and services to a larger sect of the audience and make sure they never go out of business. And all of this is possible with a straightforward decision, i.e., to take their business online. 

The digital world never stops, if we look at today’s scenario, while the whole world is locked inside their homes, there’s no traffic on the roads, no offices to go to, and the one that has stayed in the “internet.”

So imagine, how amazing would it be to never go out of business? To always have an audience to cater to? 

The businesses that never go out of fashion or out of demand are food, clothing, and banking, all related to e-commerce.

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Therefore, if you are wondering which genre of the site to start your business with? We say go for the safest option, one that never fades away, and the only answer that pops up in our mind is an e-commerce platform

Although it is the most revenue-generating genre of the site, developing an e-commerce platform is not at all easy. 

Take an example of an online shopping site, the features that these sites now come with are advanced, which are necessary since the shoppers have become more experienced, thus the requirements are also higher. 

If you need to meet those “high demands,” the only technology that can come to your rescue is PHP.

From adding an online store to your existing website to developing a full-fledged e-commerce site from scratch, PHP can do it all. 

However, it is also important to note that you will have to hire PHP developers to develop an e-commerce site or even to add functionality if you wish to do it right in the first go. 

Moving on, you must understand why PHP is the best technology for your e-commerce website.

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What is the PHP e-commerce framework?

PHP has consistently been a popular server-side, open-source scripting language; it has transformed the process of building a complicated website into a speedy and easy one. Top PHP frameworks owe their popularity to the excellent OS compatibility, a good range of templates, reliable codes, and amazing plugins it provides the developers with. 

According to W3Tech, PHP is used by 80% of all websites out on the web. 

What makes PHP a fit for e-commerce websites?

PHP frameworks offer various benefits when it comes to developing an e-commerce site with it. However, some of the best advantages it provides are: 

  1. Since it is an open-source platform, the development and maintenance cost is lower.
  2. Adding scalable and customizable solutions to your e-commerce app, so it becomes future-proofed.
  3. Choosing from a variety of themes, plugins, and components, and easily integrate it.
  4. The out-of-the-box safety features offered by PHP are a guarantee of a safe and secure app.
  5. PHP is compatible with various operating systems, and it is easy to perform mobile optimization with PHP, it can help you enrich your customer base.
  6. The language has a huge community base, so if you stumble upon any doubts, you can always turn to the robust community base.

See, PHP comes with various advantages. And if you need to develop an on-point website with PHP, you better start looking for PHP developers for Hire and rock on that e-commerce game.

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Now comes the most crucial question- which PHP framework would help you build a great e-commerce website? It is no secret that there is plenty of tops available for developers to choose from. However, there are a few that are considered to be the best among bests:

Top PHP Frameworks


It is considered to be one of the oldest frameworks. It was launched in 2005, and with the time passing, the framework proved to be the most stable and reliable framework a developer can use. 

Symfony provides the developer with great flexibility. It makes the process of integrating one project with another and installing them on different platforms easier and quick. 

Another advantage of using Symfony is the high flexibility it offers, and of course, the compatibility with operational systems also adds up to its favorability. 

The only downfall in the framework is the complexity of understanding, but that should not be your area of concern. You can easily use it if you hire PHP developers, they’ll know what to do. 


Laravel and Symfony PHP frameworks, share some similar features. However, Laravel is believed to be the most popular PHP frameworks even though it is comparatively younger (launched in 2011). 

Laravel is responsible for simplifying tasks like caching, routing, authentication and security and turning them from complicated to as easy as a breeze. 

Laravel also comes with many advantages to offer to developers, the topmost being: 

  1. Customization features like MVC architecture support and data migration
  2. High level of security, which is extremely important for an e-commerce website to have.

Also, there is massive scope for the emergence of new technologies and features Laravel could offer in the future. Since the technology is relatively new, and every day there are a lot of fixes and updates going on the developer’s disposal. There may be chances that Laravel could facilitate some new, mind-blowing features.

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It has become apparent that PHP frameworks should be your topmost priority while you plan on developing an e-commerce application. However, it is also noteworthy that you may have to look for PHP developers for Hire to carry out the development process of your e-commerce application.

A website or an app is just not limited to the development; there is so much more to it. You will have to maintain it, update it from time to time, choose the right platform to construct it, then select the right platform to launch it. 

There is a lot to do. 

And all this can be done with the help of an experienced PHP developer.

If you make the intelligent choice of developing your e-commerce site with PHP, make a wiser choice, and hire PHP developers to help you. 

There may be some ideas that may never strike your mind, but working with a professional means exposing yourself to possibilities, ideas, and opportunities. 

Make good use of it. 


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