How to Brand Your Food Ordering Startup Using UberEats Clone?

Nearly half of the users from the US and Europe who orders food online use web app. It is said that these users order from their workplace and confess that web app is convenient to use.  Hence, paying all-around attention to enhance the web app is necessary as a founder of an on-demand food ordering startup. The first impression gives a lasting impression on users and so the web app must be handled with more care.

In other words, you can brand the web app like how you did for the mobile app; branding gives a lasting impression and a sustainable outlook. It creates a consumer behavior wherein users think of your web app when food ordering comes to mind.

There are numerous ways for branding, but on-demand customer web app requires some special attention.

The work is easy if you are using Ubereats clone app; it requires minor tweaks; quick deployment and many more.

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Visibility driven site layout

It is found that on average people see a website from top left to right. These are called “hot zones”. There are many such hot zones in the web page; analyze them and place important details of your service. Taglines and USP slogans with good detailing that make users gravitate towards the service are the right ones to place in hot zones.

While designing the web app itself, make sure it is design-driven and not content-driven. Developers usually stock the web app with contents and descriptions in the name of search engine optimization; this is unnecessary for online marketplaces.

Also, think about having an option to modify the font of the page; font greatly influences the readability. Since it is a single-page site, more caution is needed while placing contents and pictures.

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Having a pleasant browsing experience

There are many tools to quantify the browsing experience and hence identifying is not an issue. The admin web panel can give real-time data like active visitors, bounce rate, time spent, etc.

Besides the content and hot zones, browsing experience defines the quality of time spent on the site. Whatever may be the quality of service and content, browsing with poor navigation and unresponsive option will pull down every good.

Users feel uncomfortable and uninspired while looking for information and quickly resorts to using alternate sites. A high bounce rate affects the web app in a negative way like decreased page ranking on search sites.

In the developing stage itself meticulously test the customer web app and upgrading after deployment is a bad idea.

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Increased web app quality

If the architecture quality of the web is in question, then no amount of enhancement is going to do any justice. I hope is web app is made using HTML. A bad HTML framework is worse than anything else. Take time and effort to use ruby on rails and PHP to get more control out of the page.

More control over your customer web app helps in parsing, rendering and reduced loading time.

Ubereats clone normally is made of code quality that is in line with the industry standards.

Fine detailing in colors

Each color is associated with a set of emotions; it can influence behavior and used to tap certain emotions; emotions strongly influence human decision making. Hence, colors are an important tool to attract customers in the web app.

For example, yellow, green, orange, and red are pleasant and exhibits a calm atmosphere.

Your online food delivery startup will definitely have some values for customers, pick the color combos that exhibit these values. Unlike other factors, color have more dominance over branding since it creates a visual impression.

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Product videos

The popularity of videos nowadays is due to the decreasing patience and attention span of the users. Anything from ads to product detailing and service can be shown via a short clip. Best rendered video with eye-catching colors is more than enough to make people hooked to the app. Videos are beyond languages and can satisfy a wide set of audiences. This method is very simple and not require much technical intellect.

Final words!

Branding of the customer ordering web app will take you a long way towards sustainability. Also, it is good to apply some of the recommendations to the mobile customer app.

Striving to create a lasting impression is always worth the effort; resources required to do is minimal and this short step will help increase market share in a niche area(web app users).

If you are working with Ubereats clone, then look for an experienced development firm that is well versed in branding on-demand startup apps.

Able to sustain a sizable market share itself is half success in the on-demand segment.


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