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Best AI Messaging App In 2020

2020 is a year ahead with tech solutions for common people problem. Even the act of conveying ideas, information and thoughts are evolved with an advent to the technology. Yes, I am talking about the evolution of communication.

If you consider the traditional ones it was through peer to peer or groups of direct communication, then it was the telephone. A decade back, the voice is slowly moved to texting as SMS, some through messaging apps and now with chatbots. Irrespective to the field use, these messaging apps and chatbots have played a vital role.

Knowing the importance, well- known tech firms have built technology-powered messaging apps that are predominantly used by users and easily available in the market.

Research scientists feel that these messaging apps will likely be the most valuable piece of technology in the world for the next decade.

Understanding the significance, many firms have developed messaging apps enriched with technology like artificial intelligence.

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Firms like Aispotters has built a messaging app intensified with the flavour of artificial intelligence. HOWZIT, is the name of the AI-powered messaging app, conveys human emotions with colours and font.

The app is empowered with “emotional intelligence”. Well, artificial emotional intelligence, which is also known as emotion AI or affective computing, is already being used to develop systems and products that can recognize, interpret, process, and simulate human affects.

They have imagined a world where apps interpret the emotional state of humans and adapt their behaviour to give appropriate responses to those emotions.

HOWZIT – Best AI Messaging App:


Using HOWZIT, one shares their own emotions through text that are conveyed automatically with a change of colour and fonts. HOWZIT paves the way for humans to share their feelings.

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What is HOWZIT?

An instant messaging app, developed with emotional AI to convey emotions, is available on the market. Using this messaging app, humans can control and convey their emotions to peers or groups.

Features Of HOWZIT:

Your Data, Your device.

Auto Emotion Detection :

No data is analysed in the server, and the emotion algorithm works flawlessly on your device, it detects the emotions of the text and accordingly changes its colour corresponding to the user’s emotion. E.g.: I am excited about my exam results. I am hoping to get good grades this time(here text is green depicting happy emotion).

Ai images aka AudioImages:

User can share an image and record his own voice to comment about the image shared. It could be a camera captured image or taken from your gallery.

Audio in Video:

You can insert comments in the video keeping the users engaged.(upcoming).

Surprise emojis:

Emojis auto appended to every 4th texts you send or receive.

Profile pictures:

Multiple profile pictures can be saved on your device, and the photos switch automatically without you having to change it every day.

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HowzIt deals:

Coupons or discounts sale from different vendors will be posted in Howzit. Check out Howzit Deals to get the most out of it, be it food coupons or discounts from bazaars etc..

HowzIt Gathers:

You can invite a list of your friends for any social gathering… be it potluck, birthday, anniversary. Organise events using Howzit.

Invite Friends:

Welcome your friend to the chatting group and communicate with ease.

Dynamic Display Pictures:

To a total, select 7 pictures all together and save it. Through auto-switching, the display pictures are changed dynamically.

Multiple Attachments:

Attachments like image, contact and location can also be shared to people or groups.

Fast Reply:

To give a clear understanding of messaging flow and right response along with instant messaging, can be done with a simple gesture of swiping.

Privacy Policies :

HOWZIT is an AI messaging app, runs AI auto emotion algorithm at the back. Which doesn’t need any dataset to process your text yo emotions.

Public Group :

You can create a group with the hashtag and get connected with similar interest. With HOWZIT public groups, you can search, join and view the group of your interest.

Your identity will remain a secret by using nicknames, and you can pose any questions or voice your opinions on trending topics.

Traits Of AI Messaging Apps:

  • Multiple ways for users to login the app.
  • Broadcasting of a message.
  • Encryption.
  • Cloud storage.
  • Geolocation to attach locations.
  • Instant notifications.

Wrapping Up:

HOWZIT is wonderful ai powered messaging app that ticks all the checkboxes of “traits of messaging app” along with flawless features with provides seamless services.


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