How to make children happy?

How do happy children become happy adults?

Children have to learn that they are not helplessly exposed to adversity, but that they can take their lives into their own hands and actively shape them. We adults can help them by showing strategies and ways to strengthen their natural endurance and adaptability. An important skill is the ability to assess yourself correctly: How do I see myself? How do others see me?

A negative self-assessment means that children make themselves dependent on the opinion of others and are jealous of the supposedly better ones. A positive self-assessment includes the feeling of being valuable and being loved.

Children who feel loved and recognized are not afraid of making mistakes and being judged negatively. You can also motivate yourself better and are therefore more persistent than others. They trust themselves to do something, feel competent and like to take on responsibility.

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What role does a child’s resilience play in this context?

Unconditional love and appreciation of the parents are important protective factors for the child. They promote his resilience, i.e. the psychological resilience, which enables him to survive difficult situations and stressful conditions without damage. Resilient children trust their feelings. You learn that every crisis passes. And they don’t get stuck in feelings of failure and self-pity.

They do something for it, become active on their initiative and do not feel helpless about their fate. For this reason, resilient people are more likely to feel happy than others, for whom life’s problems and difficulties pile up on an insurmountable mountain.

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How can parents make their children strong enough to face life’s difficulties with confidence?

Parents should make their children realize that there are ups and downs in every person’s life, happy and less happy moments. From this knowledge develops the willingness to understand difficulties as challenges and to shape them actively.

What is essential is the ability to deal with the events, to reflect on them and to develop your alternatives. Also, bring up their personalities by wearing the right clothes. HB fashion is offering best online wholesales girls, kids clothing.

So for life to succeed, do children have to take action on their own?

Yes, because children only feel that they are significant and make a difference if they can discover and apply their creative and analytical skills. In doing so, they have to try and research things as well as make mistakes.

Important: Children can only learn to master challenging tasks if they can try out authentic situations and take on responsibility. What is important here is the adults’ trust in the child’s ability. So please do not take anything from the child that he can do himself. Only this is the way to be able to enjoy the success of your efforts or develop a willingness to take responsibility.

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You can learn about happiness. What makes children strong for life

Do they still exist, the happy, carefree children, who like Michel Lönneberga or the children of Bullerbü from Astrid Lindgren’s books can enjoy their childhood to the fullest? Yes, Ernst Fritz-Schubert claims.

Without whitewashing, the author describes his own life path – from his unpopular training to the turning point in his life and the return to his real wishes and abilities. In his remarkable book, he also describes the life paths of many of his students.

He can proudly refer to the success of his somewhat different pedagogy – namely one that encourages children, encourages their strengths and helps them find practical solutions.

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He warns of the seduction of modern media that are already pulling children into the wake of dangerous illusory worlds, in which they lose their sense of real life. Ernst Fritz-Schubert advocates a radical rethink and offers a new pedagogical approach that focuses on children’s happiness.

He refers to measurable and documented successes after the introduction of the lesson “happiness”. A guide that shouldn’t be missing in any parent and teacher librarians.


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