Advantages and features of using the medical air mattress

The bed is the best place to relax, snooze and unwind after a long tiring day. But if a mattress has gone out of shape or turned old, sleeping on it can be uncomfortable. Many patients suffer from certain conditions that may affect their sleep and overall health. Some patients, on the other hand, have restricted mobility after extensive injuries.

Patients are at higher risk of getting pressure wounds and bedsores if they are not provided with the right medical air mattress. The medical air mattresses are considered to be the best for patients to get proper rest without any injuries or pain to their back or skin. If any patient is suggested bed rest for a long duration, they must consider medical air mattresses for themselves.

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Features of Medical Air Mattress

The hospital bed air mattress comes with many beneficial features, which make these mattresses an excellent choice for patients suffering from any medical condition. Some of these features are:

Created with Hospital Standards: The medical air mattresses are created using advanced technology to meet the highest hospital standards. Besides hospitals, these mattresses can also be used in the patient’s home to offer the best care and comfort. 

Programmable Air Pump: These mattresses come with a manual air control pump to maintain the absolute pressure within the air mattress. One can increase or decrease the pressure of these mattresses to suit a patient’s requirements. Therefore, it ensures that no excessive force is built on any pressure point.

Fire-Resistant: The best thing about a medical air mattress is that it’s fire-proof for avoiding any hazardous condition in a hospital. So, patients can be assured of safety.

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Advantages of Medical Air Mattress

Now, you know the main features of medical air mattresses, you must also be aware of its advantages to help patients sleep comfortably. Many hospitals prefer the best quality medical air mattress for patients over other mattresses due to the following reasons:

Keeps Patient Cool and Relaxed: Build with the latest low air loss technology, the air mattresses feature hundreds of air holes to ensure minimal air leak. Due to the “air leak,” the patient feels as if he/she is floating in the air. The mattress also keeps a patient cool while sleeping.

Better Blood Circulation: Hospital bed air mattresses are intended to improve the blood circulation of patients while relieving pressure when the patient is sleeping. The pressure points can be altered on these mattresses by shifting the patient’s position while offering a more relaxing feel to the user.

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Shift Pressure Points: As mentioned before, medical air mattresses help the patient’s body to move quickly. Since one can shift the pressure points of mattresses as per the individual body’s motion, it is less likely to develop bedsores or sore skin even after resting on these mattresses for hours or weeks.

Easy to Use: The best thing about a medical air mattress is that it is perfect for hospital and home use compared to other heavy mattresses. Moreover, it is comfortable to set up and use by everyone.

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With evolving technology, the medical industry is also opting for many advanced innovations like medical air mattresses. These mattresses are a blessing for ICU or other patients with serious injuries or mobility issues. It is also ideal for homes with older people who often have pressure joint issues or back problems.

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