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In this tech-savvy world, there is a paradigm shift in planning and implementing the right business strategies. Businesses these days are switching from desktop websites to modern day’s mobile applications because it offers a fast-track passage to the business to reach their targeted audiences. However, the mobile application development sector is going through the competitive phases these days, as the selection of right frameworks for the application development along with the best development strategy and an apt platform have become a pivotal task.

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Over the last few years, there has been a rapid increase in the number of programming languages and operating systems. Apart from this, the cross-application development platform also has gained momentum and the developer and the businesses can easily credit the best of the frameworks for this major transformation. These frameworks play a crucial role in converting an iOS application into the Android application and vice-versa. To understand the importance of the framework in the application development process let’s have a quick look at some of the popular application development frameworks which are one of the important tools for the developers. React Native

React native is popular cross-platform frameworks among all others, it’s the one which was launched by social media king Facebook. This framework is lightweight and fast as it’s one of the popular cross development platforms, it has a high number of support available by any top-notch developers. React native was developed on the ES6 version of Javascript with its open-source nature which means that more improvement is on the way.


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Ionic framework is one of the widely used frameworks that is employed for the development of mobile applications. It’s the most popular hybrid frameworks that are currently on the market. One of the most interesting things to note about this framework is that it’s free of cost. This framework is built using SASS, therefore, it is a great opportunity for the developer to build high-performance interactive applications. It’s a client-side framework which helps to develop native-based applications with a combination of CSS3, Javascript, and HTML.

Ionic is one of the powerful frameworks because it uses AngularJS and Javascript MVVM framework which makes it better and faster than the other frameworks on the list. The best part about this framework is that it offers all the functionality which is only found in native mobile application development SDKs. Therefore when the users develop the application using the Ionic framework they can easily access all the native functions of the device, including contacts, camera, etc. Additionally, Ionic provides methods and custom components for interacting with the user while it uses angular.


Nowadays flutter is gaining immense popularity among the developer, as it is owned by Google mobile development framework. Flutter is a cross-mobile framework that uses a dark programming language with its amazing features such as seamless animations, flexible UI, out of the box SDKs and material design. Being a Google made product, Flutter has large user support so you can easily and quickly tackle out all problems and understand the concept of search down from the internet.

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Adobe PhoneGap

Adobe PhoneGap is another popular mobile framework to develop cross-platform applications using PhoneGap. It is developed through the combination of CSS, JS, and HTML5. After the popularity of PhoneGap, Adobe PhoneGap came in to picture. PhoneGap was used for many years by the developers to develop a number of applications for clients and businesses. It does not restrict developers from developing the application based on hardware restrictions. Instead of that, it helps them to develop applications that run on the web view module or browser.

Intel XDK

Intel XDK is also a cross-application development framework, it can help to develop meaningful applications and that too with the presence of plugins. The user can easily develop interactive and responsive applications for all devices. It also makes the task of emulation, testing, and debugging easier. It also supports the popular framework like NodeJS and latest technologies including IoT. As it supports the NodeJS framework you can also hire nodejs developer who can develop the meaningful applications for your business. It also provides the advantage of previewing the project live, so it is easy to make changes. The developer also gets the option of dropping and dragging the apps despite getting unwanted codes.

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Corona SDK

Corona SDK is fast compared to the other mobile development frameworks and it is developed in Lua. It is a highly versatile programming language that is popular due to its flexibility and speed. Mobile applications that are heavily integrated across all platform including Mac OS and Windows can use Corona SDK, as it supports these OS. If the user wants to code at a good speed without comprising the app quality, then this is the best choice.

The future of application development is very bright as it has strong support for the existing mobile framework which makes it more intuitive, robust, and easy to develop. All these frameworks are the most important driving tools for developing web and mobile application. Therefore you need to choose the best framework for your application development while choosing the framework you must remember that every project or application has a different development requirement.

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