Must-Try Features of Nova Launcher Themes

The use of launchers is becoming standard with time. The android market is also offering bundles of launchers to satisfy the customer needs. However, in this race of the most dependable launcher, Nova launcher is always being on top. The reason behind this is the level of customization it offers to its users. There is a bunch of Nova launcher app that is ruling the heart of users, but some of its features are still underrated. So we are here to tell you about all the features of Nova launcher that are very useful for the users.

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Amazing Features of Nova Launcher Theme

Hidden Folders:

Are you done with the messed-up home screen? Then the hidden folder is the solution. Using the hidden folder feature of Nova launcher, you can make a hidden folder. The folder would not be shown, and you can only see the chosen icon. To open the app user need to click on the icon, however, swipe up to open the folder. For example, you can set the folder for music where you can hide SoundCloud, Music player, Deezer, etc. at one place. You can effortlessly set this set up using the following steps:

  • The first step is to place the app in the folder.
  • Then select the edit option by long pressing on the folder.
  • To change the icon, press on the icon and select the one you crave.
  • Adjust the settings swipe to open and tap the action setting accordingly.
  • Set the setting to open the first app by swiping right.
  • You can also set the transparency of the folder to 100 by going to Nova launcher settings.

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The Swipe action:

The swipe action feature of Nova launcher helps you open apps from other apps. For example, you can set that the messenger app opens when you swipe on the Facebook app, the gallery opens when you swipe on the camera app, or alarm settings open when you swipe on the clock app. For setting up this feature, you need to have both the apps downloaded on your phone and follow the following steps:

  • Press on the icon for long and select edit.
  • Choose the desired option from the swipe action option.

Scrolling Orientation Changes:

If you are not happy scrolling vertically in the app drawer, then the Nova launcher has the solution as well. You can change the orientation of the scroll as per your comfort and want in some simple steps. The following are some manageable steps that can make the setting of scrolling orientation easy:

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  • Press for long on anywhere of your phone screen.
  • The menu will appear on the screen, click on it to open.
  • From the menu, select the App and widget drawer, and then look for the App drawer style.
  • In the App drawer style, choose the view you want to go with.
  • That’s all, and now you can enjoy the display you were looking for.

Customization of an icon:

One of the most in-demand features of any launcher is to provide users with the authority to change the icon pack. Icon packs can improve and transform the look of your phone. Different launcher gives you the option to change shape, size, and label of icon through icon pack, however, Nova launcher offers something unusual. It does not make use of icon packs for the customization of icons. The most satisfying part is that you can enjoy this feature even if you do not have a primer account. Don’t know how to get this done? See the following steps, and you are ready to go.

  • Go to Nova Settings.
  • Search and click on the look and feel option.
  • Going to the icon style, choose the adaptive icon options.
  • In this option, you will be given a choice of six shapes of the icon, including Round, system, square, and many more.
  • To give all icons the same shape, scroll to find the option Reshape legacy and tick it.

If you are not happy with the above-given shapes, there is nothing to be worried about as you can also customize the icon as per your desire. All you need to know is play around setting and value to produce some exceptional outcomes.

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Wrapping up:

Unlike Nova launcher themes, there are several Nova launchers features that people don’t know about, but they are beneficial. Although the setting of these features is not a big deal to do, users still find it difficult. Not just this, many people demand to have these features but don’t know that nova launcher is offering these features.

So to help people out know the best use of Nova launchers by using it’s features to the fullest, the features and how to set them up is mentioned above. Now you are all set to make your home screen look engaging and appealing.

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