8 Steps to Make a Promotional Video for Your Business

Do you want to promote your brand online and are looking for viable channels? One such channel that gives impressive results is a promotional video.

The visual impact of a well-crafted promotional video directed towards your targeted audience has a huge potential of creating a positive image of your company in the minds of your customers.

If you want to create a promotional video but are not sure how to do it, then you should hire the professionals for digital marketing.

On the other hand, if you want to do it on your own, then you should follow the eight steps listed below that would guide you through creating the perfect promotional video for your brand.

Follow these 8 steps and create a promotional video and boost your business online

1. Find out your goals:

When you are trying to create a promotional video, the first thing you should do is find out the goals that you wish to achieve through the video.

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 Decide whether the promotional video address a particular event, or it focuses on the pain points of your customers?

As promotional videos are tiny, you should focus on two or three key points only. Most promotional videos lengths vary between 30 seconds to 1 minute.

Therefore, you should keep the script very tight and ensure that all the essential points that you wish to convey are covered in that video.

2. Create a format

When you are creating the promotional video, you will require features like title cards, graphics, and so. Therefore, you should first make a list of all the things that would feature in that promotional video.

If you plan meticulously, then you will find that the video shoot is done without much hassle. If you are making the promotional video of an event, then you need to include a snippet of video of the event.

If you want to highlight a few points separately, then you can shoot multiple promotional videos (of short duration). These videos should highlight a single feature of your brand, company or an event.

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Posting these multiple videos on social media or any other platform will enable you to create an engaging storyline that would attract the attention of your target audience.

3. Duration

It would be best if you decided the duration of the promotional video in the planning stage itself.

Depending upon where you want to host it, the length of the promotional video would be about 30 seconds to 1 minute.

If you do not fix the duration of the video early on, then it may end up longer and will not be able to focus on the essential points effectively.

The length of the promotional video has a direct impact on your budget. If you wish to shoot a 2 to 5 minutes long promotional video, then it would more costly as compared to a video that is only 30 seconds in length.

4. Make the video

Once you have the script ready, you are all set to shoot the promotional video. It would be ideal that instead of doing it on your own (if you do not have the experience and skills), you should hire the services of a production company.

You should ask the production company to help you with casting as well as the location where the shooting will take place.

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You can also seek their advice regarding what kind of tone you should focus on. The tone of the video could be straightforward, dramatic, playful, conversational type, humorous, inspirational and so on.

5. Post-production

After you have completed the video shoot, you have to spend some time refining the video in the video editing tool.

If you are sharing vital information through this promotional video, then you have to include attractive looking, easy to understand graphic tables to drive home the point to your target audience.

Graphics, when added intelligently, can help you highlight important information like the end of sale date, discount codes and so on.

6. Select the right distribution channels

Once you have made the promotional video, you must find the best way to promote your video through different channels so that it reaches your target audience.

There are multiple ways through which such videos can be promoted, which includes emailing these videos to your customers, putting it on your website, uploading them on different social media platforms or use paid ads to reengage your followers online.

You must know which channel or group of marketing channels gives you the maximum reach to engage with your audience.

7. Attract the people to watch the video

You must use the latest SEO strategy to ensure that the promotional video is visible to your target audience.

Some of the important SEO strategies include inserting keywords in the video title, metadata and tags.

Additionally, you should also provide a video site map so that the search engine crawlers know what the video is is all about and where it is situated.

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Furthermore, providing links of your video on various social media platforms also help the search engine improve its ranking leading to better exposure online.

8. Improve conversion

If you are launching the promotional video to improve the sale of your products, then you must focus on the strategy to optimise conversion.

Make sure that you should do the Call to Action (CTA) button in the video that would help you improve the conversion rate significantly.

You should regularly analyse the drop-off point wherein most of the viewers leave the video. To retain your viewers, you can shorten the video to the drop-off point (if possible), or you can insert a Call to Action button much before the drop-off point.


Promotional videos can be extremely effective not only for improving brand awareness but also for your sales.

You can shoot four or five promotional videos, and then you release one every month. After each video release, you must focus on the generation of leads.

After you have uploaded all the videos online and have a host of leads and data, you can then focus your entire attention to sales.

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You must analyse the data of the viewers to find out which one of them are more likely to buy your products and then try to convert them.

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