Guide to Career negotiation in a different way.

Career Negotiation

Finding a job

Finding a job is a tough task, and nobody wants to be on this search for a long time. A good application can, however, be a step in the right direction and bring you a little bit closer to your dream government jobs. The “problem” with the correct application is, however, that there are no sample specifications for it. Even if you learn at school nowadays what the right application is supposed to look like, this information mostly contradicts other sources of guide to Career negotiation – e.g. the Internet, numerous application trainers that you can buy as a book or the recommendations of the Federal Employment Agency. And what an employer recognizes as a great application is not so easy to define: In any case, it has to be different and interesting.

Industry-standard pay

First of all, when choosing a profession, you should be clear about which salary is standard in which industry. This way, you can rule out disappointments before they arise. After all, not only one’s lifestyle and luxury style depends on the salary, but also that of the children and partner in the case of starting a family. The income of many kinds applies to many types of applications. Likewise, the future pension is measured by the number of wages.

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Because of this, anyone who is dissatisfied with their current salary should first be clear about their wishes and ideas. Is it justified to want more – to earn more? The be-all and end-all of salary negotiation are planning. If you are looking for a job, there are several ways to find it. In addition to going to the employment office, Job advertisement in the newspaper.

Time is money

You know your company best. What is the current situation, is the company on the upswing or is it doing badly? In the latter case, the time to ask the boss for more money is challenging. So just before Christmas, there should be no talk of an increase in remuneration. Please wait for a moment when the boss has his head clear. His assistant or secretary can tell you when the time is right. Under no circumstances should you mention the salary negotiation as the reason for the meeting, as this could push the superior into a defensive stance. However, if you want to talk about your performance and the associated benefits for the company, he will start the conversation much more relaxed.

The negotiation “no-go”.

Why should your boss pay you more salary if he gets your previous benefits at the earlier tariff? No manager will pay without more performance or another guide to Career negotiation. In any case, you should write down your arguments in writing before the conversation so that you don’t stutter now. Don’t fall into the dangerous “Uh-trap”. Please do not be too timid, but also not too brisk, as it speaks without pauses, quickly memorized. Make sure that you talk loudly, but that your voice remains calm and matter-of-fact and does not shift up in pitch. Your body language is not hidden from the boss either: signal sovereignty, but do not “hang out” in the armchair. Hands do not belong in the pants or jacket pockets.

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The arguments have to be right.

Back to your arguments: you will be paid generally for standard work. If you want more payment, you should be willing to perform better, show above-average qualifications, presentations or other projects. Anyone who strictly refuses to work overtime or does not take on tasks that do not always fall within their area of work does not make a good impression on their superiors.

Those who permanently represent a colleague on sick leave exceed their contractual conditions. A salary increase is hard to be denied.

Caution is advised with a better job offer if it is even imaginary. This argument can only be used once. If you threaten your boss to leave the company every year, you may soon have to look for a new job. So plan all possible situations before talking to your manager so as not to be surprised during the negotiation!

Hope you line these career negotiation tips. Thank You.

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