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Image to PDF: How to Convert Image to PDF for Free?

Converting an image into PDF file formats is extremely useful in many ways. PDF is a professional file format, and it offers many advantages over using images in its native file format. And for such conversion, we generally use an image to PDF converter apps.

What are these free PDF converter apps? Why do we need such a conversion? And which is the best app for that? Let’s explore everything about it one by one.

How to Convert Image to PDFs With FlashScan App?

There are many advantages to the PDF file format. First, let’s see why we should convert images into PDFs. Then we will talk about the best free PDF converter.

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What Are The Benefits Of Using PDF File Formats?

Mostly, professionals prefer PDF file format over any native formats. Here is why they choose PDFs.

  1. A Well-maintained Format- PDFs can assure that while you share the file from one computer to the next, the formatting will be the same. PDFs present the document as it is.
  2. A Universal Format- professionals and business people are widely using PFDs. If you want a formal and professional approach in your business, choose PDfs!
  3. A Small-sized Format- PDFs can compress high-quality files to relatively small file sizes. That saves the space of our hard drives.
  4. PDF Files Are Password Protected- If you handle a piece of sensitive information, you can keep it well-protected by setting a password in your PDF file.
  5. Works Well In All Operating System- All the major operating systems work well with PDFs. Whether it is PC, Mac or iOS, the viewer can easily see any PDF files.
  6. It Stays Long- Technology may change quickly, but PDfs stay for a more extended period. As everyone is using it, it will anyway remain here for long.

After seeing all these benefits, you must be pretty clear why we need to convert different file formats into PDF. Now let’s introduce you to the best image to PDF converter.

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FlashScan is one of the best free images to PDF converter apps that offer best image conversion with no time. Let’s see how you can convert any image with FlashScan.

How To Convert Image To PDF With FlashScan App?

Convert Image To PDF file format is just a cakewalk with this brilliant document scanner app. Here is a stepwise guide to convert an image into PDF files using the FlashScan app.

Step 1 – Keep the image handy that you want to scan with FlashScan. First, you need to scan the image then you can convert it into PDF.

Step 2 – FlashScan is a mobile camera scanner app, so it allows you to take a snap of the image using your device. Take a precise click of the image that you want to convert.

Step 3 – You can import an image from your gallery also. If you have already stored the image into your device gallery, import it to the home screen of the FlashScan.

Step-4 – Scan the image with FlashScan.

Step-5 – You can save the image as a PDF by clicking on the PDF icon below the name of that file/document.

Step-6 – You can also save multiple documents /images as PDF by long-pressing and selecting all the desired documents. And that’s it! Your image has been successfully converted into a PDF file format! FlashScan offers just a single tap PDF creator option. Apart from this, FlashScan offers many other useful features.

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Why Is FlashScan The One-stop Document Scanner App?

FlashScan is the newbie, yet it is gaining a very welcoming response across the globe due to its functionalities and performance.

Here are FlashScan’s features use and Convert Image To PDF files.

  • It is the fastest document scanner app that scans all types of papers. Users get clear and sharp scans in no time.
  • FlashScan offers a robust OCR that extracts text from any image.
  • It also helps you to translate this text from English to any other languages.
  • FlashScan is the best free QR and Barcode scanner app that scans these codes.
  • You can anytime share these codes with your friends using this image to PDF converter app.
  • It also offers brilliant filters that enhance the scanned results.
  • With Sort By and Favorite documents, users can keep records well organised and handy in the device.
  • You can anytime save, share, rename and delete any files and documents with this app.

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FlashScan is one of the best free images to PDF converters that lets you scan anything anywhere anytime! Download FlashScan and get high-quality scans now!

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