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People needn’t walk down the streets to a flower shop to buy bouquets for their loved ones. With advancements in technology, flowers can be delivered at the doorsteps with a personal note as well. The surge in On-demand flower delivery apps is visible globally. People are gradually shifting their attention towards these on-demand apps.

The growing market for flower delivery apps:

  • The global flower business generated revenues as high as $60 billion in 2019.
  • $27 billion is annually spent on Floral products in the US.
  • Almost 84,000 people are employed in the floral industry in the US.
  • The total value of cut flower sales alone amounts to $7.5 billion.
  • A Flower Shop in the US generates more than $320,000 annually.

These signify the growth and vastness of the flower delivery market. Investing in such an emerging market can be ideal for any business owner.

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This can be the right time for potential business owners to invest in this market by approaching a Flower Delivery App Development Company. Let us take a look at the rise in this app market before concluding.

Ways of revenue generation from the flower delivery app:

There are various ways of revenue generation with the flower delivery app. They can be,

  • Third-party marketing: This way of revenue generation involves posting advertisements in the app. Communicating with third-party members regarding the advertisements and posting them on the app page can add to the revenue. It must be duly noted that advertisements should not hinder the users from using the app. This can generate a considerable amount of revenue. In major apps, the revenue generated with this third-party marketing amounts to 8-10% of the total revenue.
  • Featured listings: In the flower delivery app, various flower shops are displayed. The one on the top usually attracts more users’ attention. If any flower company needs their shop to be listed first, they are entitled to pay a certain amount to the business owner. This way of feature listings can add to the revenue through the app.
  • Commission from shops and delivery persons: The flower delivery app connects the flower shop with customers. Hence as a token of return, the flower shop pays a certain amount of the payment made by each user as commission to the business owner. The same applies in the case of delivery persons. The app provides delivery persons, a job to perform. Hence the business owner receives a part of the delivery fee as commission.
  • Revenue from personalized gifts and notes: Flowers are delivered as gifts on special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, etc. This is where personalized gifts and notes play a part. People can send personalized notes to their loved ones. They may even opt for personalized gifts like t-shirts, mugs, etc. Keeping in-hand personalized gift shops or communicating with a third party vendor regarding the same can bring in revenue. Users pay an extra amount during their checkout for personalized notes or gifts.

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Where can one get the best flower delivery app?

The best online flower delivery service app can be obtained by approaching an app development company. An app development company can provide flower delivery app scripts. The apps are completely customizable and are developed according to the specifications of the user. Moreover, the apps are developed after an extensive market study with a well equipped technical team. Hence approaching an app development company can be an ideal choice to get the best flower delivery app.

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The flower delivery app market has proved to be an emerging business venture. People demand doorstep services and are ready to pay an extra amount for it. On-demand apps have been on the radar for quite a few years now. Varied services are entering the on-demand market, and one among them is the flower delivery service. So, capitalize on this growing business venture and be the next big thing in the market.


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