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How Mobile Apps Have Transformed Our Lives.

That time has passed when people used to wait ten days to read a letter from their loved ones, now even 10 minutes feel like a long time. 

Couples often complain, “why hasn’t he answered my messages since the last thirty minutes, he’s dead mead once I meet him.”

However, Earlier ten days also didn’t seem to be that long; that is what’s changed now.

We have become so comfortable with technology that it has become a part of our everyday lives.

The first thing a person does when he wakes up is to check his mobile, and the last thing he does, while he goes to sleep, is to check his mobile.

We have become that accustomed to technology. 

I don’t think anyone would disagree if I say that technology has made our lives pretty easy to live, a bit more fun and so convenient.

Isaac Asimov said: I do not fear computers. I fear the lack of them.

The quote shows how important technology has become to an individual. 

Mobile apps have drastically changed how we live. 

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It is so weird to imagine how much change a single application can bring into the lives of each individual.

Today, I don’t see anybody unfamiliar with mobile applications.

That’s why mobile application development has been on the rise each passing day.

Let me throw some light on some mobile apps that have made their space into our daily life routines.

1. Business growth of mobile apps

Every business is turning its head toward building up a great mobile app. Ever thought why? 

Well, every person spends at least an hour or maybe more on his phone in a day.

What could be a better platform for a business to reach its audience?

Mobile applications have been an excellent platform for business owners to form a connection with their target audience. 

Almost every business owner has developed an application so that their business can flourish.

2. Online shopping

Stores all across the world are developing mobile applications to make their products reach the mass. 

Mobile apps have made shopping so much easier. 

Don’t want to go out but need to buy shoes for work? Don’t worry, open up the shopping app, order your product, and get it delivered at your doorstep.

Even if you don’t want to buy a product, window shopping is also convenient through shopping apps. If you like something, save it and buy it when you want to. 

It’s not just limited to clothes, but everything from underwear to daily groceries can be easily bought using online shopping applications.

Stores are at your fingertips.

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3. Food ordering

Getting food in your house has become much more comfortable with mobile apps. 

If you are craving a pizza at 2:00 am, you can pick up your phone, open a food ordering app, and choose from available stores. 

You don’t have to call the store or drive to it to get your pizza.

With no verbal interaction at all, you can get exactly what you want, isn’t it just amazing?

4. A mobile application providing medical facilities

From checking your pulse rate to ordering your meds, everything has become handy with mobile apps.

Nowadays, we have all sorts of applications that collaborate with your smartwatches to give you the exact remedies if your pulse rate is shooting up. Some apps give you reminders to take up your medicines; there are even applications that remind you when to drink water. 

Mobile apps are taking care of so many things in our lives, no matter big or small.

Monitoring our health has become pretty easy thanks to mobile applications.

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5. Applications that let you share rides

Now we have mobile apps that have made the hassle of commuting very easy and cheap.

You don’t have to take the bus, order a cab and if that’s expensive, pool your taxi.

Everything is possible with mobile apps.

Applications like Uber are trendy for a reason. 

They have made commuting safe and trouble-free.

It doesn’t matter if you require a cab at 1 am, these apps have got your back!

They come with all sorts of security features like sharing your location, sharing the cab details with your friends, or sharing your driver’s details. 

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So, now you don’t have to make plans according to the last train’s schedule—Party for as long as you want because you have a safe and convenient option to reach home.

6. Google Maps

Planning a road trip with your friends, But you don’t know the routes? 

Well, that’s not a problem as long as you have google maps.

Google maps have all the routes and directions you need for an epic road trip. 

Not just that, the application would tell you which way to take so that you can avoid the traffic and it can also tell which route has deviations.

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Google has also replaced the old navigation with a 3D view, so the experience is even better.

Mobile apps like these have surely eased out the way we travel.

A spontaneous road trip is also possible at any time with google maps.

Just pick up your phone and start that car!

7. Mobile Payment applications

You can now go out with no cash at all, just a phone which has an app enabling mobile payments.

Applications like Gpay provide a digital payment platform and can connect directly to the bank account of an individual eliminating the need for carrying cash.

So all our money is in your pockets and ready to be used whenever.

These applications are highly secured and very easy to use.

So the “I forgot my wallet” excuse would not work anymore. 

These are just some ubiquitous examples of the applications everyone uses for even the most basic work.

There may be many more. 

And I am sure mobile apps will continue to be an integral part of our lives in the future as well.

Right now, all I can say is we should thank all the app development companies and people who came up with these outstanding ideas for making our lives smooth and easy. 

Deep Maurya

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