How To Start An On-demand Courier App?

The world is turning into digital and people are moving their way to the digital medium. Nowadays, it is common for people to pay their bills, book tickets or order food all through their mobile phones. The courier app is one of the long-lasting and on-demand businesses in the market. There is always some demand for courier service in the locals.

The courier app helps people to move their things from place to place. Usually, it takes 2-3 days to deliver a parcel from one place to another. Though there is lots of technology improvement, starting a courier business is one of the most profitable businesses in the market.

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How Does On-Demand Courier App Work?

  • The user installs the user app and starts creating their profile.
  • They then provide pickup and delivery location.
  • Now, the user provides detail about the package like package dimensions, weight and other details.
  • Then, the user requests the delivery guy to pick up the parcel from the pickup location.
  • The delivery guy accepts the request and pickups the package from the user.
  • User pays the payment either by COD or through online mode.
  • The parcel is delivered to the delivery location
  • Finally, the user reviews the delivery service.

Top Features of Courier Delivery App:

Admin Chat:

The admin has the option to chat with the delivery guy’s as well as the user to improve the service of the delivery. The admin provided with all data to take required action if needed. The admin also has the option to respond to user reviews.

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The users are provided with a tracking option to track their package in the app and the user is also notified with the status of their delivery.

Premium Delivery:

Using a premium delivery option, the user asks for fast delivery using premium delivery. The parcel delivered in a period of time for some extra price than the normal.


With clear pricing and tax details, the user can get an estimate of how much it costs to deliver their parcel. They check their pricing based on parcel size and weight.

Packaging Option:

The user can also ask for the packaging of their things using their app. The packages option help the user safely wrap and move their things. The charge for packaging may vary based on the size of the packages.

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Online Payment:

The user can easily pay for their courier service either by cash or through the online medium like a credit card, debit card and net banking.

Rating & Review:

The users are provided with the option to express their views on the courier service and the delivery. Thus it will help to improve the overall quality of the service.

With all the above features, you can run a successful courier delivery service. All business is solely based on ideas and technology used. If you want to develop a successful business, all you need is trending idea like food delivery, courier service, grocery delivery, meat delivery and so on.

With your idea and clone script like UberEats Clonerestaurant ordering system and On-demand courier service app, you can start a successful business with ease.

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  • Great post! In a courier business, one of the biggest factor to gain more customer and client is the services and the rate of the delivery cost/charge. As a Sales Executive in one of the leading courier company in UAE, we offer affordable UAE delivery services to meet our customer’s satisfaction.

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