Smokers Beware

Smokers Beware

I hope there are no smokers here, but if you have a near and dear one who smokes, please convey to him a personal message from me that he should be prepared for a sense of weakness, sinking or pain at the pit of the stomach, dizziness or pain in the head, occasional dimness or temporary loss of sight, paleness and sallowness  of the countenance, swelling of the feet, an enfeebled state of the voluntary muscles, manifesting itself sometimes by tremors of the hands, sometimes by weakness, tremulousness, squeaking or hoarseness of the voice, at times even a loss of the voice, disturbed sleep, starting from the early slumbers with a sense of suffocation or the feeling of alarm, incubus or nightmares, epileptic or convulsion fits, confusion or weakness of the mental faculties, peevishness and irritability of temper, instability of purpose, seasons of great depression of the spirits, long fits of unbroken melancholy and despondency, and, in some cases, entire and permanent mental derangement. 

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