Four Professional Tips to Get High Precision Cut with Chef Knife

Four Professional Tips to Get High Precision Cut with Chef Knife

Work confidently in the kitchen with an endless world of possibilities. You realize your true career potential when you have experts to guide you with the right set of skillsets. For all the chefs, the confidence often brims high, when you pick up the kitchen knife to cut fresh fruits and vegetables.

Get intimidated by master chefs, especially the way they use specialized chef’s knife with high precision cutting skills. With little hands-on practice sessions and tools, you can easily touch the professional cutting techniques levels at home. Here are some aspects to take care of:

Selecting the best size Chef Knife

You get 90% of the task done when you have the right set of tool for the job. The professional chef’s knives can turn out to be the backbone for any cook. Here’s everything that you should know about various types of kitchen knives:

Four Professional Tips to Get High Precision Cut with Chef Knife 1

Chef’s knife: This appears with a broad tapering blade and is used for all types of kitchen.

Paring knife: When it comes to cut foods with speed and in smaller shapes, there isn’t any better peeler than paring knife.

Long-Serrated knife: With one “teeth” long blade, you can quickly get to know that it is a long serrated knife working in a long sawing motion. It is best used for slicing bread, cutting watermelon, and peeling even soft-skinned food items.

The perfect way to Hold It- with a firm grip 

The way you’d hold a dart is the perfect way to grasp the chef’s knife. While holding it from the ridge, you can easily separate the blade from the handle. You can keep your forefinger and thumb above the ridge and then push the back of the blade.

Once you get the hold of knife, you can gently wrap the three fingers around the knife’s handle.

The more you learn to use the chef’s knife, the more comfortable you’d feel every time!

Keep the Safety as priority

The chef’s knife lovers can always keep two reminders handy- One to hold the knives sharp and others to prevent cross-contamination of germs and bacteria. While working with a dull knife, you may have to apply more pressure, and thus results in more chances of getting it slipped; hence the results would be an accident. The fear to get finger cuts with blunt knives can always be covered with the help of a cut-proof glove.

Right way to slice the long and short pieces

When it comes to slicing, the goal is to get the equal thickness and easy cross-sectioning. Wondering how to get the perfect sized slices- Use the non-dominant hand to anchor the food and then start making equal-sized cuts with the help of your kitchen knife.

The Bottom Line

Now that you have started baby steps with thin slicing bring in the best quality knife forth to achieve the high precision and even consistency with our shared professional tips.

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