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Why programmers are seeking the help from online life coach

Online Life Coach

Who is a Programmer?

A Programmer is someone who creates applications and software for use on a computer. The Programmer creates them with the help of many computer languages. With the advancement of science and technology and the invention of the computer, almost everything is going digital. As such Programmers are on the rise and them in high demand in virtually all sectors of industries.
Being a Programmer is regarded as one of the most comfortable professions in the world.

This is said so because the programmer has to sit in front of the computer and write codes for creating an application or a program. However, the work of a programmer is quite time-consuming, and as such he has to spend few hours in front of the pc, writing and testing codes and at the same time checking for errors and bugs and maintaining them.

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Hence, Programmers tend to lead a very solitary and isolated lifestyle and have decidedly less social interactions with people. As a result, many developers suffer from depression and studies show that 1 in 7 developers suffer from depression. Thus the risk of developers suffering from depression is quite high. There are many ways in which a developer suffering from depression can seek help, and one of the best ways is by finding an online life coach.

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Who is an online life coach and how can it help a depressed programmer?

A life coach is a certified and trained individual whose work is to help people have a clear understanding of themselves, and help them to achieve their goals or overcome challenges in life. An Online Life Coach can understand the problems an individual is going through, and as such motivates, inspires and pushes the individual to beat the odds and come out on top. When a Depressed Programmer seeks the help of an Online Life Coach, the Life Coach engages in personal interaction with the programmer over the phone or online means such as e-mails, video chats etc.

The Online Life Coach will participate in sessions with the programmer getting to know what his dreams and ambitions are, what he is focused on doing and the challenges and problems he is facing in life. The Coach can understand these things and as such can come up with strategies, tactics and plans to help the developer make better choices and lead a healthier lifestyle which will help beat depression.

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The journey to recovery may take time, and as such an online life coach devises small and nimble steps which can be considered one day at a time as long as it is making progress. The life coach may encourage the programmer to engage in more conversations with friends and family, to perform exercises regularly, to take breaks, to get enough sleep etc. Thus, with a life coach’s proper guidance the programmer will be able to dig his way out from a depressed lifestyle.

Another problem which a programmer faces is balancing his work and personal life. With the guidance of an online life coach, the programmer will be able to set his priorities correctly and also create boundaries. This will ensure that the Programmer does not become a workaholic but finds the time to engage with his personal life thus finding balance.

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