5 Tricks to Choosing The Right Curtains for your Windows

5 Tricks to Choosing The Right Curtains for your Windows

For all the times you wish you made the perfect choice when dressing your windows with curtains, we are here to make it simpler in 5 easy checks.

Knowing The Difference Between Curtains and Drapes

It’s a common misconception that curtains and drapes are the same, but in reality, they are very different. When thinking of lightweight and flowing fabric, it’s a curtain, whilst drapes are more structured and weigh heavier. 

So with that knowledge, you can now browse for the right product you wish to dress your windows by. 

 Picking The Right Fabric 

Next, you need to choose the fabric for your windows. To make it simpler, observe the amount of sunlight that pours into your space. When windows receive daylight, a lightweight curtain can be a good choice. However, if there’s sharp sunlight coming through, then opt for Blackout Curtains. Linings help your curtains from fading, keep your spaces cooler in the heat, and maintain privacy. 

 Selecting The Right Theme 

Curtain and Drape design selection are what makes or breaks the aesthetics of your space. As they serve as a central backdrop of every interior, ensuring they run parallel to your theme can be daunting and overwhelming. So to make it easier, observe the current theme in your home. Whether it’s minimal, chic, modern, contemporary or traditional- once you spot your aesthetic, choosing a pattern to compliment it becomes effortless. 

Sheer curtains pair well in minimal settings, whilst pinch-pleat drapes go great with more traditional interiors. Eyelet Curtains are trending for modern aesthetics, and patterns are the new upgrade for contemporary living spaces.

Measuring them Well 

Another thing to consider when getting curtains is to have them measured well. A few ticks to making your windows look larger is to frame your windows with curtains. Hanging your rods higher and resting your curtains away from the windows will instantly enlarge your walls and windows and bring a designer appeal to your space. 

We at Curtains Abu Dhabi measure up your curtains with no additional charges, meaning you can leave the technicalities to the experts. 

Smartly Matching With Accessories 

The one thing that can elevate your curtain game to the next level is picking matching accessories to complement your choice. Whether tiebacks, cushions, poles and finials, you can count on us to bring a coordinated look to your home windows. 

With these five easy checkpoints in mind, you can now feel more confident and in charge of your window dressing to be as perfect as can be. Browse our gallery if you’re looking for some inspo, and let’s get started. 

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