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5 Ways Your Business Can Measure Customer Service Quality

5 Ways Your Business Can Measure Customer Service Quality -parasteh

Customer service has become the cornerstone of all businesses. But, to serve your customers better, you must have a deeper understanding of what they expect and how you are performing. After all, you can’t improve if you don’t know where you are going wrong. In order to better serve your customers better, here are five simple tips to help measure your customer service quality.

Hire a Mystery Shopper

Even though everyone is so used to the convenience of shopping from home that they don’t even think about how they’re treated when they visit a company’s physical location, business managers should not neglect this aspect of the customer experience, which is why hiring a mystery shopper will come in handy. If employees know they are being observed, they will act differently and portray their most polished version. However, they are likely to act in their typical fashion if they don’t know that they are being watched, and this is why you should hire consultants to assess the service from that perspective. The mystery shopping process involves hiring a person to visit the company’s location under the pretense of being interested in purchasing products or services. It’s a good way to get objective feedback about your employees’ performance without making them feel singled out or degraded.

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Measure the Quality of Your Customer Service Agents

The quality of customer service delivered by your staff is not only dependent on their skill set, but also their attitude towards customers. Goodwill, kindness, and patience are just a few ways a customer service agent’s attitude can affect how they treat a client. You should set performance targets that encourage your staff to be helpful and friendly. By setting goals, you not only motivate the agents but also help them to improve their skills and knowledge. In order to measure their performance, ask them specific questions about how they handled various scenarios and how satisfied the customer was at the end of the call. While at it, avoid yes or no questions; instead, ask open-ended questions that encourage your employees to elaborate on their answers, which will also help you gauge their emotional intelligence.

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Look at Your Customer Retention Rate and Profits

Growing your customer base is one of any business’s most important strategic goals. And as it turns out, customer service quality and retention are intimately linked. The better the customer service, the more likely a customer will be to remain a loyal patron of the company. What’s more, if customers are satisfied with your customer service, there are likely to be your brand ambassador, which is one of the greatest assets a business can possess. Conversely, low-quality service is more likely to have customers defect to other brands, which can lead to operational issues in the long term. Poor customer service will also reflect on your revenue or profits, as maintaining current customers is cheaper than attracting new ones.

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Listen and Analyze Talk Time

Although it’s a bit invasive, this method is becoming popular among businesses. Talk time is a simple procedure where you record the conversation between your employees and your client as they speak. With this recording, you are able to analyze responses and voice tones, making it easier for you to determine whether or not the customer is satisfied with your product or services provided. You can also analyze the average call duration per month, which will give you an idea of which agents have a shorter or longer time in handling calls.

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Customer Satisfaction Surveys

There is no better way to know how customers perceive your business than by getting their first-hand opinion through customer satisfaction surveys. Every time a customer calls, give them a small survey asking questions about the quality of service provided. You can also provide them with incentives to participate in your surveys. When you ask your customers what they think about your service and how you can improve, it becomes clearer where the problem areas are, allowing you to put more focus on that area.

The quality of service delivered by employees can make or break your business. Therefore, it is essential for managers to know what good customer service is and ensure that these standards are upheld in their organizations. It’s also worth investing a little time in understanding the quality of your business’s customer service using the above tips.

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