Should Recruiters Use AI Recruiting Software Technology?

Should Recruiters Use AI Recruiting Software Technology?

Recruitment is not an easy task. There’s a lot to do, from sorting through resumes to reaching the best candidates to waiting for their response. What if the entire process could automate to speed up and make it more efficient?

Nowadays, artificial intelligence (AI) and automated software solutions for recruiting are more common. Artificial intelligence and automated software can help with everything, from candidate sourcing (both external and internal) to interview scheduling, candidate evaluation, and streamlining your applicant track systems.

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This post will explain recruitment automation, how AI is used in recruitment and the pros and cons of using this software. We will also present some of the most widely used AI recruiting software India packages so you can choose as per needs and budget requirements.

What is AI Recruiting & Recruitment Automation, and How Does It Work?

Automation is a broad term that refers to software to manage all aspects of the recruitment and hiring process. Originally known as Applicant Tracking System in India, automated recruitment solutions include various features.

Modern automated recruitment management systems can assist with almost every hiring process. Hiring managers can save time, improve productivity, and potentially increase the quality of their hires by using recruitment management software.

How can you automate recruiting?

Different recruitment software companies take different approaches to automate recruiting. There are many ways to still be automated, even without AI. Software that includes AI can make “human-like” recommendations and take more complex decisions. For example, an algorithm to find keywords in resumes.

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These are just some tasks that can easily automate with or without AI.

Online Career Pages

Companies can create career pages to highlight the available vacancies on their website. You can create a career page using automated HR technology. AI provides even more opportunities for qualified candidates.

Post job ads

Recruitment software can help you automate the job posting process. Specific packages can go further by choosing the suitable career sites and channels to post to help you find qualified candidates.

Scoring of Candidates and Evaluation

It may seem like candidate scoring is subjective and “human,” but it is. Soft skills and first impressions play an essential role in evaluating talent. Automated software can assist hiring managers with the more mundane aspects of candidate screening.

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How does AI Recruiting work?

We first have to understand the differences between regular and artificial intelligence to understand how AI is used in recruitment.

Although the term “artificial intelligence” might conjure up images from science-fiction movies, it can also describe technology as familiar as image recognition and chatbots. AI is simply a way for machines to “learn” how to make decisions. Some experts prefer the term “machine learning.” Instead of giving precise commands to the AI, programmers feed it large amounts of data, “training” it to recognize patterns by repeatedly testing.

Screening of resumes

We can use AI (NLP/machine learning, deep learning) to screen resumes contextually. AI can use previous hiring decisions to learn the requirements of the job and the hiring patterns within the company. It allows you to screen candidates based not only on their work experience but also on your company’s hiring culture.

Sourcing Candidates

Candidate rediscovery is a new trend that’s easy to identify. It is where recruiters revisit their talent pool to fill new vacancies with the best talent they can find. It is an efficient way to replenish the talent pipeline, especially if the candidates are interested in the job. Over time, every company accumulates a lot of resumes. This data can mine AI for the best talent and match them to current job opportunities.

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Screening of candidates

Chatbots are another way AI can use for recruitment. Chatbots can speed up the process of screening candidates and help identify talent from significant sources such as job boards. The companies can use NLU (Natural Language Understanding) or rule-based chatbots to ask candidates the necessary pre-screening questions. Chatbots can answer most commonly asked questions, and recruiters save time.

Chatbots can automate repetitive tasks and help speed up the scheduling of interviews.

Benefits of AI Recruiting?

Software with artificial intelligence capabilities has many advantages when it comes to recruiting. It can also make helpful recommendations based upon data and help recruiters communicate with suitable candidates.

AI in recruitment has many benefits, including time savings and improved candidate experience. Employers can save time and money by automating the tedious parts of the recruitment process using recruitment tools. It allows hiring managers to focus on the more meaningful and essential aspects of the process, such as getting to know the candidates. The candidate experience can be improved and made more enjoyable, which will improve the company’s image and make it more competitive.

Drawbacks to AI Recruiting?

There are many advantages to artificial intelligence when it comes to recruiting. However, there are also some disadvantages. Employers should consider these factors when considering whether or not to invest in software.

It is well-documented that AI can inadvertently introduce bias. AI can remove biases that might arise from job descriptions or social media. It is essential to trust humans and use common sense when using any technology for recruiting.

Top AI Recruitment Software.

We talked to recruitment professionals from several popular software companies all over the globe, who shared their insights on how their tools can automate recruiting using both AI and traditional algorithms.

It allows human resource departments and agencies to source and hires the best talent.

The Head of International of the company explained the software’s key features. HR and applicant management software allows HR managers to spend more time on value creation tasks. Recruitment software allows companies to post job ads on more than 350 job portals. Their dashboard tool highlights the most successful portals so recruiters can be more strategic.


Although AI can be challenging, it can make a difference in your recruitment process. AI recruitment software and other tools for automation can help companies and job seekers save time.

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