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P-arasteh is the best guest blogging platform for professional bloggers and article writers to showcase their work.

P-arasteh is a multi-author guest blogging platform where our brilliant contributors upload their blogs and articles on multiple niches such as business, health, technology and news. We make sure to give our viewers the best and latest content on these niches making for an engaging and informative read. We rely on our talented contributors for quality content and our website always welcomes budding and gifted writers who have a knack for creative writing. Our motive is to encourage quality content and make it available to as many numbers of viewers as possible.

What we have in store for you?

As a contributor, you are entitled to a number of benefits that will help you broaden your horizon as a writer and reap the benefits of writing for a high ranking guest blogging platform. He is some of the paybacks that we have for our talented bunch of writers:

  • You will get traffic to your website and a backlink
  • You will be entitled to an author page with all your published content on our website
  • Significant SEO benefits
  • You can add your social media account details so that your readers can connect with your social media handles, thus, adding up to your social media followers.
  • We will be promoting your blog or article through our several social media platforms, thus, ensuring maximum viewership for your content

How to submit your guest blog?

Email us at (query@p-arasteh.org) with your content and we will let you know if we are publishing it on our website or not.

Or you can signup to p-arasteh.org and submit your content.

With this, you can now get ready to spruce up some awesome content for our website and send them to us at the soonest!


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