Best Places To Travel In Kentucky

Best Places To Travel In Kentucky

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Kentucky is often known as the home of the Kentucky Derby or the Bluegrass State. Kentucky consists of impressive cultural history and diverse geography. This specific destination has many things to showcase to its visitors. The largest city of states – Louisville, is also famous for the Louisville Slugger Baseball Bat. One can visit here with the nears and dears to explore the natural attractions. This place can be your getaway destination after being locked down for almost one year. 

Are you feeling confused that from which place in Kentucky you should start your tour? Don’t worry! Here is the list of best-recommended places to begin your tour with your family and friends:

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Let’s watch the exciting horse ride!

The most famous event in Kentucky is horse racing. This prestigious and renowned race is commonly known as Kentucky Derby, held at Churchill Downs. This amazing horse race takes place on the first Sunday in May. It attracts a considerable crowd that makes this place one of the most attractive destinations in Kentucky.

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Witness the tallest replica of Babe Ruth’s bat.

The other tourist attraction place in Kentucky is the Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory. This is the most popular destination in Kentucky due to having a 120-foot tall replica of Babe Ruth’s Baseball bat, which sits at the museum’s entrance gate. The factory offers an amazing excursion of some simple wood transformed into professional baseball bats and has been making new records since 1884. 

Also, tourists can explore the Louisville Slugger Museum, where they can witness famous baseball memorabilia and different types of exhibitions. 

Witness the greenery in Kentucky

Stretching in more than 708000 acres, the Daniel Boone National Forest offers the best interaction between modern life and natural life. This amazing park comprises different terrains, which consist of roughly more than 3400 miles of gorges, ravines cut by rivers & streams, the Natural bridge and sandstone cliffs. The Natural Bridge is around 75 feet wide and 65 feet in height. Tourists can also enjoy trailing and trekking in the park. The strong force of wind and water helps the formations of rock in this park.

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Get a chance to feel the beauty of nature.

Cumberland Gap National Historical Park is the most important path through the hills. The native Americans used this route to explore this 760-foot deep cut known as the Cumberland Gap. This could be the best place for nature lovers to explore and tourists can go camping and many other early civilized activities to experience something different than modern life. The adventurer can use this 2460 altitude National Historical Park as their hiking spot. 

Let’s explore one of the world’s largest Cave Systems.

Mammoth Cave is renowned as one of the world’s largest cave systems situated in the “Land of 10000 sinks”. In southwestern Kentucky – “Caveland Corridor” around 80 miles from the south of Louisville, this area is identified as having all types of karstic features. This specific tourist destination is for families. You can add this destination to your must-visit list of Kentucky. You can also do kayaking, swimming, hiking, camping, canoeing, bicycling, riding horse, and many other exciting things with your kids.

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Stop and visit the horse park of Kentucky.

Located in Lexington, the Kentucky Horse Park is where you can witness varieties of horse roaming here and there. Also, the park includes many other attractions and activities. You can also get a chance to ride any horse or pony in this park. You should also check out the various events daily that feature the horses’ several breeds and occupations. 

Witness the beauty of Vintage Cars.

If you love vintage cars, then Bowling Green will be heaven for you. The town of Bowling Green is the best place to admire the vintage beauties. The National Corvette Museum is a place where you can see the most extensive collection of vintage corvettes and other iconic American cars that have been kept and restored. Also, you can get a chance to explore the Train Museum, the Aviation Heritage Park and the Historic Railpark.

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You can also manage your trip timings to visit the Capitol building in Frankfort. This amazing place lies on the shore of the Kentucky River. You can book a tour guide to help you explore the beautiful Frankfort. You can also get a chance to taste the popular candy of Rebecca Ruth Candy Museum. Apart from this, you can also stop in the Salato Wildlife Education Center to learn about wildlife like bobcats, bison, snakes, eagles, etc. 

Last but not least – Lakes National Recreation Area

To end your trip, you can explore the beautiful Lakes National Recreation Area. This natural area stretches around 170000 acres where you can witness the lifestyle of several different wild animals like Bison, Elk, etc. So, suppose you are interested in exploring this amazing state of America. In that case, you can dial Delta Airlines cancellation policy  phone number to connect with the customer service representative who will help you book both single and group flight tickets at an affordable fare.

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