Secrets of Garbha Griha in Temple

Secrets of Garbha Griha in Temple

Before knowing the secret of garbha griha, just want to tell one more thing. It can seem very strange and intriguing that When people dig the earth, Shiva lingas find out at the construction site or anywhere. There have been remarkable moments in Indian history where Paramacharya Shri Chandrashekhar Swamigal himself has pointed out the place with definite possibilities of ancient Shiva linga inside the earth. Some will be named as Shiva Linga found at Central Kailash, Taramani Chennai and Shankara Mat at Tiruvanekakaval Srirangam.

The Shivlinga at Shankara Mat is particularly beautiful. It was claimed to be a punch-faced penis, although only four faces appear to be carved into the shaft of the penis. The fifth in this case, generally not carved at the top. Characteristic features of faces will take you back to the late Pallava, the early Chola era. Each face has pointed features and gentle looks, remarkably similar to what it seems to belong to the same person that rekindles imagination with the ancient world.

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Garbha Griha

diagram of the hindu temples in India

Now the question is, how did this Shiva go through the destruction of time with gender endurance?

Before placing the first stone for the construction of temples, there was a lot of thought of going to temples, not just endless calculations based on how to build temples, but to maintain them and stand up for it to come forward.

Decisions were taken to protect the main sanctum Santorum and mainly the idol inside garbha griha and various elements of it from any danger of destruction.

Garbha Griha is not built on the ground. It is built on another chamber which is full of enough sand.
There are four pillars in this chamber that hold the floor of the garganude on them.

The floor is hosted by the main idol, as well as the elements that make up the “power” of the idol.

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Once the idol is “alive” the temple is declared as a living temple and the main idol is kept to cover the mystery inside.

The idol is then worshipped, while the idol is actually worshipped for the following elements as well.
This idol is a visual representation of the reality contained in the elements, not all of us know today, almost unknown.

Kumbh Abhishek is done to protect the temple and idol created by human beings from any natural calamity.

Should there be widespread suffering and the lives of “worshipped” people at risk, the temple designed to be cave-wrapped?

In the case of natural calamities, the main temple falls apart, the pillars scattered after the collapse of the mandapa.

It’s a different story in Garbha Griha. First down, there are pillars below the Garba house.

They are designed to fall outwards, so they give space to fall to the ground
And Shiva sets out to fall into the packing of sand without damaging or damaging the penis and its various components.

Once shiva linga falls out of it, it is covered with sand around and then it collapses with the rest of the debris and it is safely buried until it is discovered at a later date.

To bring any destruction to the Shivlinga and there was a lot of thought and thought in preventing.

This unique form of God carries more to himself than what he sees in the eyes, designed subtly.

This thought was done in protecting, protecting him, and digging the world to see an ancient mystery alive, evergreen, and then dug it up and left it in the lap of the earth.

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