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For Hindus, puja is a kind of worship whereby they experience moments of connection with a specific deity. It is usually via a visual interaction with a picture of God. Pujas have always taken place at home, in temples, and outdoors.

They vary according to the deity and cultural context of those who worship it. Spirituality is considered an instrument for bringing about social change in many parts of India.

Hence, you can find various astrology and remedy services like Vedic and Nadi astrology and Vishnu Maya Reading. Today, you can book an online temple services like online puja services for different gods like Kala Bhairava, Hanuman, Heramba Ganapati, among others.

Different Gods for Whom Online Puja Is Performed

Online puja services are available for a variety of deities. You can find the details of these services for various gods below.

  • Ganesha – Ganapati veneration is one of the six fundamental worship forms. The service covers puja, the various kinds of abhishekam to Ganesha, as well as homa (havan) that comes in multiple packages apart from an individual one. It can be of three months, six months, and twelve months.
  • Maha Vishnu puja – This deity’s puja helps individuals lead a long life filled with success, prosperity, health, and peace. Like Ganesha, it includes various kinds of abhishekam to Maha Vishnu like milk abhishekam, honey abhishekam, coconut water abhishekam, curd abhishekam, rosewater abhishekam, and the like.
  • Hanuman puja – Performing a puja to the benevolent God Hanuman helps people achieve things they thought were impossible to achieve in their lives. The puja service includes the different kinds of abhishekam to God Hanuman, ranging from 7 days to 365 days. You have the option of choosing among nine, eleven, twenty-one, thirty, forty, ninety, and one hundred eight days.

Online Astrology and Zodiac Sign Puja

Astrology is the science wherein the good and bad effects of constellations and planets on both the Earth and humans are studied. The word ‘Jyotisha’ refers to the discipline which is associated with the constellations and the planets.

Horoscope is a tool of prediction in astrology. You can regard a horoscope as a heavenly map that shows the alignment of the moon, sun, planets, star constellations, and the like at a specific time, like birth.

Horoscopes have been used to help individuals make sense of their circumstances in life. Everyone desires love, peace, happiness, and success in their life.

But there are many people who struggle with finding love or financial freedom. Astrological solutions can resolve all these problems that individuals face.

What are Online Astrology Consultations?

Online astrology consultations help people instantly consult with experts in Numerology, Vedic Astrology, Tarot Card, Feng Shui, and Vaastu.

You can consult the experts on any sphere of your life, like education, career, love, finances, marriage, and the like. You can get your horoscope and correct predictions.

Besides giving you the predictions, astrologers also provide you with suitable solutions to help you avoid making costly mistakes in life. Besides, you can pick an astrologer according to their field of expertise, experience, and reviews.

Online temple services, like priest services, help you get the priest straight to your office or home. It also provides you the option of taking part in rituals virtually.

These services are helpful for those who want to offer their prayers to God, but a lack of time prevents them from reaching the temple. The pujas are conducted with the same devotion as they are performed in person.

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