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How can social media be a driving force to increase sales?

Social media has become the rage of the current generation. With the millennials always hooked on to their social media accounts, platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest among many others have become powerful tools of business marketing. You can use these networks for effective business marketing and boosting sales. In this blog, we will […] More

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5 legitimate reasons to evict a tenant

In India, the laws regulating the tenancy business have been known to favour the tenants, making the landlord’s life difficult. Eviction refers to the expulsion of a tenant from the property, legally, by the landlord. In order to successfully evict a tenant, the landlord must provide him with an eviction notice with the help of […] More

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How to verify the NRI groom before marrying your daughter?

Are you planning to marry your daughter to an NRI groom? Have you verified all the details of a groom before taking the decision of marrying your daughter? If not, then please do it since there are several cases in which NRI grooms turn out to be frauds. To avoid such circumstances, please confirm everything […] More

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10 laws that protect women and women rights

According to the International Research Center for Women, nearly 47 percent of girls are married before the age of 18. India currently ranks 13th in the world of child marriages. Since child marriage has penetrated Indian culture and tradition for centuries, it has been difficult to eradicate. Women Rights… More

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