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Lawyer Nidhi Singh interview on Asian Voice

One to One with Keith Vaz : Nidhi Singh Nidhi Singh, the founder of NRI Legal Services, grew up with a passion for fighting injustice. A lawyer, she decided early to take up the cudgels for fighting for legal rights of NRIs, to work towards creating an efficient legal system for them who went through […] More

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Why and where to invest in property in India

Investment in Real Estate has always been a lucrative option as it offers steady and stable returns. Indian Real Estate has attracted a lot of NRIs as it promises good returns and gives a sense of belonging to the country of origin. More

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Filing partition of property with joint owners in your absence

At the time of settling the property shares legally! Life is very hard for some people. When a person goes through a lot of financial hardships, getting a property worth crore of rupees is nothing less than bliss. Can we imagine cases, where people are not even aware that they are being duped by their […] More

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Family settlement for property disputes in India

Why is family settlement better than court settlement? What is a family settlement? It refers to the adjustment that family members make in order avoid court disputes and amicably divide the family property with shared understanding. The parties must be related to each other and have a right to a share of the said property. The […] More

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