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Top five amazing things to do in Lijiang, China

China, one of the fastest-growing economies and technologically advanced countries, is also one of the ancient nations in the world. Much like the megacities of Shanghai and Beijing depict the developed façade of the country, certain places are serving as testimony to the old-world charm of China. Lijiang is one such town in the northwestern […] More

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Coronavirus COVID-19 Facts and a self-care guide

It is a stressful time as fears are mounting over what is being referred to as the COVID-19 (Coronavirus). Although the term coronavirus (COVID-19) refers to a large family of viruses ranging from the common cold to much more severe diseases, this recent outbreak is especially unique. This strain is believed to have emerged in […] More

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Smokers Beware

I hope there are no smokers here, but if you have a near and dear one who smokes, please convey to him a personal message from me that he should be prepared for a sense of weakness, sinking or pain at the pit of the stomach, dizziness or pain in the head, occasional dimness or […] More

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