How To Do Your Part For The Environment By Gardening

How To Do Your Part For The Environment By Gardening

Climate change is real – the earth and its climate are depressing every day, and humans aren’t doing enough to reverse it or limit the change. Take care of the environment to the best of our abilities. By avoiding using plastic, not wasting water, recycling and making conscious choices every day, we can contribute towards doing good for the environment. 

One impactful and fun way of doing so is by gardening. While researchers are divided by just how useful this practice truly is, most researchers lean on the fact that whatever the type of plant you place in your homes, you are indeed contributing towards the environment.

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By following the below-listed tips, you can ensure that you are being mindful of the environment and are also giving back in the process:

It would help if you chose the right plants:

Plants that are native to your soil require lesser maintenance and are likely to flourish as well. Hence, while planning your garden, you need to ensure that you choose plants that are native, require less resources and are self-sustaining. You can opt for plants such as daylilies and switchgrass. If you are looking to also get the best value out of your gardening endeavors, choose profitable plants and can also be sold. If marijuana is legal in your state, you could also consider planting it – it is good for the environment and profitable at the same time. 

You should consider creating your own compost

While this may sound difficult, it is not – making your own organic compost is a great way to put nutrients into your soil and is environment friendly as well. You could opt for the coffee grounds you usually throw away, fruit and vegetable peels, eggshells etc. to build your own compost.

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You should use natural fertilizers and herbicides

Artificial fertilizers and herbicides are damaging to the environment and can immensely harm the ecosystem. In addition to that, fertilizers are especially harmful when used for fruiting plants. If the fruits are not washed properly before consumption, they could harm the individual eating them or touching them. As a natural fertilizer, you can use fish meal and greensand, and for herbicides, you can use white vinegar and salt mixed with some water. 

You should consider companion planting

While this isn’t as commonly known as it should be, companion planting is very useful. For instance, if you grow tomatoes and basil next to each other, it enhances the flavor of both of them as opposed to if you would have grown them separately. This is a symbiotic growth method that makes your garden flourish without you having to use added or extra resources.

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While gardening is often viewed as a mere hobby and as something that beautifies your home, gardening has a much greater impact than that. It contributes to the environment immensely and can be taken up by any individual without putting in much effort.


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